Border War (Doug Hammer Book 2)

by C. Frederick Braun 

US Navy SEAL LT. Doug Hammer and his crew are back in this action-packed thriller about murder, mayhem and drugs on the US/Mexican Border. Two Navy Seals, home from Afghanistan, go to Tijuana for a little R&R. They wind up the kidnapped by Mexican Drug Kingpin Oscar Mendoza who tries to sell the troopers to Islamic Terrorists. The US Government, fearing an International Incident refuses to rescue them. Enlisting the help of a rag-tag bunch of mercenaries and a citizen border watcher, Doug invades Mexico to save his men, discovering it is sometimes easier to get into the country. . . than out. 

From the author of 'Two Seconds', 'ISSA" and The Merida Compact, real life Minutemen C. Frederick Braun spins a fast paced and deadly tale, while exposing the horrors of human trafficking and drug smuggling along the Mexican Border. He draws on more than 10,000 hours of personal experience battling both. Border War is timely, compelling and will put you right up in the rocks in the most dangerous neighborhood in North America: 

Amexica---The US/Mexican Border.