by C. Frederick Braun  

In The New Testament, Jesus is missing for nearly seventeen years. From the time he is twelve until age thirty, there is almost nothing known and certainly nothing written. Until now. Former US Army Sergeant Dennis Wicks is doing a walkabout around Asia after a rough tour in Iraq. He's looking for answers to life's many mysteries and some peace after war. In India, he comes across an ancient Buddhist Alms Bowl, with a hidden, secret compartment. In it are handwritten scrolls, a diary of sorts, from the Buddhist Saint ISSA. A language specialist, Wicks begins decoding the scrolls and researching the immutable ISSA. What he discovers will change the course of human history. ISSA, is none other than Jesus Christ and Dennis is holding in his hands the first and only documents that were actually written by the hand of God. Soon, operatives from the CIA, the Mossad, The Vatican, The Russian mob and a ruthless Israeli billionaire are after Dennis in a race to secure the bowl and the scrolls before anyone finds out the truth. The scrolls are absolute proof that Jesus spent the lost years with the Buddhists in India and Tibet, and now, two thousand years later, forces are at work to make sure that this earth-shattering information is never made public. Dennis elicits the help of his archaeologist sister and a prominent religious studies professor. From India, to Pakistan, to Athens and Tel Aviv, the trio attempt to safeguard the bowl and the scrolls at all costs, so they can tell the world...The Good News. They just simply have to stay alive long enough to do it. ISSA, raises the question to the ultimate "what if" and provides convincing documentation to answer the world's greatest mystery. It's a heart-pounding thriller...with a message.

(includes the actual english translations of the original documents discovered by Nicholas Notovitch in Ladakh, India in 1890.)