The Merida Compact (Doug Hammer Series Book 3)

by C. Frederick Braun 

Our greatest fears have come true. The Fed is engineering a financial crisis. The President is clueless. our borders are under siege. Government agencies like the IRS are selecting opponents for political extermination. The owners of the Fed have decided it is time to implement The Merida Compact, a secret agreement established some one-hundred years ago to combine the United States, Mexico and Canada in the North American Union. Only one man can stop it...and he doesn't even know it's happening. He discovers that The NAU, The Amero, SPP, and Agenda 21 all exist and that's just the beginning of it.

From the creator of Border War, ISSA and Two Seconds comes an explosive thriller so real and so current you'll have to wonder. Could this really happen...or has it happened already?

Former Navy Seal Commander Doug Hammer and his crew are back as he fights to find his sisters murderer and save a nation.