Two Seconds (Doug Hammer Series Book 1)

by C. Frederick Braun 

What do the US Navy SEALS and the Mafia have in common? Absolutely Nothing! LT. Doug Hammer returns home from Iraq and joins his mom and sisters in Las Vegas. Instead of a vacation he winds up fighting a different kind of war with a New Jersey crime boss infatuated with his sister. Pauly "Da Fish" Delgado will not accept NO for an answer. He is accustomed to getting anything he wants and he wants Susan Hammer. Las Vegas will never be the same as the two play a game where there can only be one winner...and the loser dies. Raw and gritty, Two Seconds exposes the seedy underbelly of the mob and the tragedies of a war on Islamic terrorism. While Doug is busy saving his sister, terrorists are planning to give the "City of Lights" another kind of glow. It all comes together in a whirlwind finale that'll keep you guessing right to the very end.