It Only Takes a Single Second of Inattention to Ruin Your Day

Analysis Of An Accident: It Only Takes a Single Second of Inattention to Ruin Your Day

The DOT cops are still investigating: Did the driver sneeze or was he on the phone or texting? What actually caused this near catastrophe?

Five flatbeds were heading down Hwy 35, South of Austin, in a convoy. Trucks are each hauling a 90,000-pound steel beam and are being escorted by police. The last driver in line had a brief moment of inattention just as the driver in front of him hit his brakes. The one or two second delay caused the following driver to run into the truck in front of him. When he slammed on his brakes the 45-ton steel beam broke loose and started heading north through the sleeper, cutting the mattress in half and up into the front of the cab inches away from the driver.

In a matter of two seconds the driver’s world changed forever as the semi was destroyed almost beyond recognition.

Several questions come to mind--What about the rigging on the beam? Suppose the driver had to slam on the brakes for any reason? A deer? A car? What would have happened then? Would the beam have kept going?

In this case the driver got away with a scratch on his arm. Very lucky. Fortunately, there was not another team driver in the bunk. They would have been cut in half.

Let’s be careful out there drivers. This driver didn’t appear to have a headset as is evidenced by the fact he is hand holding the phone after the accident and the DOT cops couldn’t find one. This incident may put this driver’s livelihood on hold for quite some time.

Not pointing fingers here--just a precautionary tale.  We’re just glad no one was hurt.

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