Team Driving: Meet a Couple that Makes it Work

By Eric Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

It’s often been joked that most of us have said we could never work in the same company as our spouses. Love is all-that, but we all need our space and it’s not for most. Meet two Professional Truck Drivers who team-up and have made it work both as professionals and as a couple.

Marc Pardue was working for Noble Trucking when he was given a run with four other trucks in a mini convoy. When they all met up at a truck stop for a break, one of his co-workers caught his eye; Saundra Lucas was also in the convoy and she went inside the rest area and Marc decided to “clean the bugs off her windshield.” (smooth move Marc) Saundra came out and saw what he did and thanked him which broke the ice.

And they lived happily ever after.

That’s how most fairy tales end but this is a real life fairy tale, a story that warms the heart as they have found that something we all search for. In communicating with them, I felt like I could sit down with a few beers together and solve all the world’s problems. They are genuine.

Teaming up is a great way to make money but ego’s and personal habits can split up a team in quick fashion. That is something that weighed heavily on the minds of the couple. Saundra stated “I have driven solo since the mid 90's.  Sometimes I would get really lonely but I enjoy my time alone too and just the freedom of controlling the radio and temperature in the truck.  I can't stand for anyone to tell me how to drive.  So team driving was something that I wasn't so sure about”.

Marc said he was the one who broached the subject and they tossed the idea around for about a month before Saundra said “If we’re going to make this work, let’s start teaming, lets test the water”. And off they went, and so far, it’s been a good ride.

 “I have to say, it has worked out very well.  We both are full time drivers and we both still do our full 11-hour shift.  We both get our own paycheck and we both get a full night sleep, we just wake up and the first question always is “where are we”?  Saundra said, “I am, and always have been, a night owl.  Marc is the early bird.

I asked them how it has affected their relationship and if too much time together is possible. Saundra replied “I typically drive as the sun is setting and wake him up just before sunrise to let him take over.  We see each other more now than we did before obviously but out here on the road we really are just out here working hard and spend maybe a couple of hours a day where we are both awake and can talk to each other.  The truck is rolling approximately 22 hours a day.  As you can imagine, we can cover a lot of miles in a day”.

Marc added, “If things work out right, we can spend a few hours together” Now the guys reading this have a million questions that they are curious about so I ran some of the guy talk by Marc and quickly realized how this team works. When I asked Marc who gets to pick the dinner spot, Marc was quick to respond that he goes to a place that has several choices. Then there’s that one question that both genders are thinking, how do they make this work? Marc had an answer for that one too, “Ones awake and ones asleep, that’s how we get along”!

Marc and Saundra have reaped the benefits of their hard work, they own some property together and have bought their own Cab to go private. They did their homework and have a great plan, the truck is almost paid for and will be paid for when it hits the road. Smartly dodging that bullet that hits most private drivers when they get into repo status.

Marc & Saundra, Welcome to the US Road Warrior family, keep trucking, living and loving.

We have your six.

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