Las Vegas Debate is a Political Gamble

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

Las Vegas articles invite so many worn out clichés, and it’s my goal to use as many as possible in this article--you can bet on it. Sin City is known for its prize fights, but the one this Wednesday between Republican Candidate Donald “All Hands” Trump and his opponent Hillary “You’ve Got Mail” Clinton, will be the bloodiest and nastiest, since Tyson bit an ear off his opponent.

This would be funny, if the choices were a TV Sitcom or movie, but this is 2016 in America.  We've narrowed down over 300 million people to these two fighting it out in Vegas in the last presidential debate on Wednesday night. Unlike most prize fights, this one will end in 90 minutes instead of 2 rounds and it's free on TV and not half the mortgage payment for the pay per view event.

The “dealer” for this debate is Fox News guru Chris Wallace, son of the famed journalist from 60 Minutes, Mike Wallace. Known for his no nonsense approach and his time consuming research, Wallace is considered one of the best in the business. It’s also the first time Clinton has to face tough questions from a network that’s not in her corner. That’s the big gamble for her; she’s going into enemy territory and can she withstand the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi and the non-stop email scandal questions that are sure to come they should.

That does not mean that Trump gets a free “comp”, Wallace is a straight shooter and Trump has his hands full.  Both candidates have their work cut out for them as they both need this victory, but Trump needs a knockout, not just a split decision.  Whereas Hillary just has to tread water for 90 minutes, a task that could be impossible with the baggage she carries.

For Trump, the strategy is very clear, you know it, I know it, but somehow we can’t get The Donald on board. The strategy is don’t be a dumb ass--it’s just that simple, but yet he will do and say things where he only shoots himself in the foot. His demeanor and antics border on childish and alarming. That is half his problem, a regular republican politician, the ones he beat in the primary would be twenty points ahead of Clinton, this should not even be a race, but it’s that demeanor and mouth that’s keeps this a close race.

Clinton is just as annoying, the fake laugh, the continuing, endless lies and convenient memory lapses, not to mention her views on policies.

Yes, policies… you remember them, those pesky details about The Middle East, Terrorism, Immigration etc. They stopped mattering, now it’s all about personalities--who has said and done more offensive things, it’s not about you and me and our families. It never was, but at least previous candidates acted like it was. We were left with some glimmer of hope, even if your candidate didn’t get in, the other person who won, was at least tolerable and you kept an open mind and gave them a chance.

Why?  Because you wanted them to succeed because if they did so did all of us as Americans.

The debate has pundits in a maze, trying to figure out how each candidate should behave and their strategy. You, our faithful Road Warriors, are never short on opinion, so let’s hear it--what’s your advice to either candidate?

One last parting cliché, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens in Vegas on Wednesday night could very well affect the world.

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