And The Debate Winner Is…

By Eric Braun | Senior Writer | USRW

What was billed as the mother of all debates, presumably the most watched in history turned out to be a boring political flop that didn’t live up to the hype or expectations and to the dismay of some, no blood was shed and no one was treated for any medical issues.

No it’s not a Michael Moore movie.

The Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will go down as 90 minutes of life that we will never get back. The debate itself is being debated by pundits, spin masters and academia as to who won and who lost. Both candidates traded measured shots at one another trying to get under each other’s skin, but did not get too risky. It was two bullies who talk a tough game in commercials, rally’s, fundraisers and social media, however when they finally face one another they have an acute case of tonsillitis.

 Trump played it cool, he was a rock star during the first 15-minute segment on the economy but we all knew that he wouldn’t stay glued together for too long, but he kept himself in check and tempered his remarks, perhaps a bit too much. In fact, one could argue that Trump had a few opportunities to go for the jugular but held back, something he may regret in the coming days.

Both of the candidates seemed prepared, with Clinton acting like she was manufactured and sticking to the script, while Trump was a bit less poised but more Presidential then he’s been thus far.

Let’s get those silly red carpet moments out of the way. We witnessed history as we watched the first woman Presidential Candidate debate for the highest office in the land. Like her or not, that’s one hell of an achievement. Clinton blinked too much and look tired with heavy eyes. Her red outfit appeared frumpy looking. Trump was sniffling too much when pausing for breath and somebody get this man an IV, because the Donald is clearly dehydrated judging by all the water breaks. Ironically, did anyone notice Clinton wore red, the color of republican favored states and Trump wore a blue tie, the color of democratic favored states. In addition, looking at the stage, Trump was on the left and Clinton on the right.

I know what you’re thinking, but I get paid to be observant.

Now the meat and potatoes, both candidates got shots in on each other’s weakness. Trump drew blood on his comments about her e-mails, her 30 years of experience and the results of it, and how she suddenly after those thirty years has the answers to the complex problems that face the nation. One in particular was when Clinton stated her sorrow for the e-mail issue, calling her actions a mistake. Trump rightly pointed out that people who make honest mistakes, don’t need to invoke their fifth amendment right.

For her part, Clinton landed a few punches herself, her comments about his bankruptcies, tax returns and his history of negative comments about women in general. A daring attempt, considering he could have counter-punched about her husband’s track record with women. Trump took a pass on that one, while at the same time wanting everyone to recognize that he didn’t go down that road. He also missed an opportunity to slam her on her talk about cyber-security, people missing 30,000 email’s should not bring up cyber security.

The bottom line is that neither of them did any real damage to themselves, nor do I think they moved the numbers at all. The un-decided voter is probably still that way, confused, frustrated and disgusted.

Who could blame them?

It’s your forum Road Warriors, who won and why? We want to know! Look for our article on Wednesday about your comments on both the poll and the debate. See if your comments make the top of the list and are used in Eric’s article.

I can’t say who won, it was a draw on my scorecard, but I can tell you who lost, and that’s the American People…

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