Are We On the Verge of a Constitutional Crisis?

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, US Road Warriors

Just when you thought this election could not get any stranger or un-ethical, it has found a way to do so with only a bit more than a week out from D-Day. What makes it more bizarre, is that the current debacle is caused by none other than the Government itself. The very one that is supposed to support and defend the Constitution.

If you think I’m going over the top and sensationalizing the current situation, think again. We can agree that a “Constitutional Crisis” means different things to different people, it comes down to our individual interpretation and personal standards.

In the legal world, a constitutional crisis refers to a situation dealing with the inability to resolve a disagreement involving the governing constitution of a political body. It often results in a breakdown in the orderly operation of government.

Look at the status of this election, and in this case the Democratic Party--between them and the infighting in the Republican Party--I think it’s fair to conclude that we are truly indeed on the verge of a constitutional crisis.

This article’s bi-partisan, but when you’re calling balls and strikes on either party, you’re better off calling the game a rainout and playing it later.  Whether we reached that point or not, the coming days will set the course.

Let’s put things in perspective.

What FBI director Comey has done with his latest bombshell is extraordinary to say the least. Comey lost his credibility and reputation when he laid out all of Hillary’s sins, and then stated that they are not worth at least a grand jury review.

Obama, Lynch, Comey, the fix was in, so knowing that and watching Comey’s latest action, screams that there is something too big for the cover-up to continue. Clinton's firewall inside the administration has appeared to collapse. The Justice Department and Obama seem to be trying to distance themselves as they hang Comey out to dry.

For this to happen so close to an election and after her questionable vindication, one must wonder if Obama and company have begun to wash their hands of it. Pretending that they don’t know what the evidence is all about, but going to the extreme of notifying Congress, does not pass the sniff test.

Is this the smoking gun?

Republicans sure hope so. GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump must finally feel vindicated as to what he’s been saying all along, and this newest twist in the plot has taken away the 24-hour news cycle about his alleged groping scandal and he is sitting back on his perch.  For his part, Trump needs to be careful what he wishes for. He fails to realize that running against Clinton is his best chance. I submit that Trump is only doing as well because his opponent his equally hated as much.

If Clinton ever had to drop out and was replaced by someone like Biden, Warren or Sanders, Trump would lose by double digits.

Let’s remember, neither candidate can get over 50% and are the two most disliked ones in history. That alone speaks volumes about the content and character of this race.

For her part, Clinton’s hypocrisy is appalling and nauseating. This woman has stalled, subverted, manipulated and done everything within her power to make this whole investigation as long and drawn out as possible for Congress, the FBI and more importantly the American People. Watching her “demand” that the FBI spit out its current evidence and facts in a matter of hours all because it does not fit her timing and agenda is amusing.

The karma bus is making its rounds.

Unlike CNN allegedly giving her interview questions ahead of time, Clinton was caught off guard on this one, which again leads us all guessing that it must be that bad. Couple that with Obama and Lynch not stepping in, and imaginations start to run wild.

Now about that crisis.

It’s almost a week before the election, 20 million votes have already been cast. Clinton knows darn well that this will not be investigated and resolved in one week. Her demanding the FBI reveal its results is nothing but showmanship. She is trying desperately to make the appearance that there’s nothing to see.

So, what do we do?

If she gets elected and then indicted over this new information, is impeachment next? It would have to be. Then where are we? Russia is running amok in the Middle East and Baltics, Syria is a free-for all, with most of our enemies propping up a hostile government. North Korea, is testing nukes and rockets almost monthly, and China has just seized disputed territory in the South China Sea.

And that’s just a tip of the foreign policy problem-- back at home you have a breakdown in law and order, racial divides at a level not seen in 50 years, and for all intents and purposes, a modern day civil war, largely due to this election.

Our enemies will seize on a constitutional crisis and expand their agenda with no fear of a U.S. intervention or retaliation.

Face it folks, this election has lost all legitimacy, and yes, no matter how this pans out, we are in a Constitutional Crisis.

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