The Trumpster Fire: How Did We Get Here?

In the days since the election, I have been asked repeatedly why, as a post graduate educated, successful white female, I am so concerned about the election of Donald Trump, and how his election will directly impact my day to day life.  I even had my own boyfriend tell me he despises Trump, but I shouldn’t worry about things I can’t change. AND THAT’S EXACTLY THE MENTALITY TRUMP AND HIS GANG ARE COUNTING ON. It’s as if the consensus is he’s been elected, so our hands are tied for the next 4 years and we should just “give him a chance”. Give him a chance to what? Take all of my liberties? I don’t think so.

Has everyone forgotten that women’s suffrage (the right to vote for women) is less than 100 years old? Or that Roe vs Wade was decided in 1973? And how about finally breaking out of (at least to some degree) the 1950’s housewife BS? Historically speaking, these issues are still in their infancy and in serious danger of being vacated. And we’re still fighting the wage gap, sexism and sexual harassment in (and out of) the work force.

The vile insults that Donald Trump has littered across this country in the last 23 months that were directly targeting females is staggering.  From fat shaming tweets at 3am, to pussy grabbing adventures with Access Hollywood, to his promise to make access to abortions as difficult as possible, should have every woman in this country shaking in their stiletto boots. If we will allow him to behave in such a demeaning and disgusting manner while he simultaneously takes away the rights we ourselves and our predecessors have fought so hard for, is there anything we won’t let him do?  What’s it going to take before people finally say enough is enough?

It has been proven he himself is “crooked”, a liar, a cheat, a fraudster, a misogynist, a demagogue, and a salacious groper, yet his followers turn a blind eye in the name of so-called change. Do they not understand that just because something is ‘change’, doesn’t mean it’s right or beneficial? Change can be, and often is, severely detrimental, with long lasting effects that can take decades to repair. (Just ask Germany, Japan, and the Roman Empire…and Britain on Brexit in about 5 years) I often find myself wondering how long it will take to clean up this mess, if we can somehow manage to turn the tides.

I understand that, at the very least, Donald Trump isn’t solely in charge of all decision making for this country, yet let’s not forget his veto power, access to nuclear codes, and his low down, dirty tactics when he’s brow beating someone into giving him what he wants.  I have no doubt he will harass, blackmail, defame, threaten and slander any member of Congress who tries to stand in his way.  Our only hope is if they stand up to him, like a bully in a schoolyard, and smack him down.

And what about our ‘brand’ as a nation? We all know that perception is reality, and humans across the globe are flabbergasted at the dumpster fire that is raging in this country right now. Where we were once revered, admired, and envied, people are now appalled and ashamed for us. The American Dream that so many have longed for, is now a national nightmare.

So what can we do as women to help put out the flames? I believe in continuing to expose Donald Trump for who he is, pushing to hold him accountable, and NEVER giving in.  Oh and blowing up my Congressman’s phone and email.