It’s Time to Vote: Make Your Voice Heard

By Eric G. Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

It’s time Road Warriors.

The political season of our discontent is about to come to a close. We have endured the sleaziest and most un-American election of our history.  Regardless of all the noise, personal attacks, and negativity, we must exercise our civic and moral duty to elect this nation’s newest leader.

I know how you feel, I am right there with you.

Never have I been more ashamed of our political process. It was never a campaign about what’s best for America, it became a campaign of showing the world the dark underbelly of American politics and human nature. Our democracy was always the star in the east that set the course and guided the rest of the world. 

My, how times have changed.                            

If neither Clinton nor Trump make that magic number of 270 electoral college votes, the House of Representatives votes to elect our next leader of the free world. It has happened only once in our history. In 1824, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to elect John Quincy Adams, who won fewer votes than Andrew Jackson in the popular election, as President of the United States.

We have a proud and diverse history, even in our deepest valleys, we always come back out on top. That’s because the backbone of the American people, the resolve, fortitude and moral strength of our citizens carries the day. We are America--that vote you cast is American.

Therefore, it’s so important to vote, no matter what your choice.

No political endorsements here, that’s not what we are about at US Road Warriors. However, we are true patriots, as many of us in our Road Warrior nation are veterans. If nothing else motivates you to vote, that should be more than enough to get you off the couch. We all know a family member or friend who gave their lives in the defense of this country, and they did so to protect our freedom and rights, including the right to vote.

Veterans never fought for a President, they fought for their fellow citizens, for a country that cherishes freedom. As a nation, the Constitution is our birth certificate, and the Bill of Rights is our moral compass. Our pride, strength and dedication is woven into the very fabric of our flag.

This election cycle has broken our spirit; we are, for all intents and purposes, in a civil war of sorts. If you think I’m being melodramatic, think it through with me. We have family members, friends, and neighbors all in-fighting with each other over which direction to go.  Social media postings and subsequent debates have changed the course of campaigns, and our lack of respect and tolerance for one another’s views and values is a sad commentary on our example of political freedom. The issues that faced us as a nation were overshadowed by the scandals of our two mainstream candidates.

The choice we are left with is about who’s less destructive, not who’s more constructive.

You keep hearing it, but its never been more true, that this election is the most crucial in our history. Our path forward is at stake; our GPS needs to reroute and find an alternate route to travel to steady the ship.

We are used to detours. We have traveled a different route this election year, and we don’t always take the most direct route, but we've always found our way back to the main road.

For the sake of our country, go vote--let your voice be heard. Together, let’s make the Liberty Bell ring loud and true.

God Bless the United States of America.

I am Eric Braun, and I approve this message…

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