The Election is Over--Time To Be the United States Again

By Eric G. Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

It’s finally over Road Warriors.

Or is it just the beginning? That’s for you to decide. Congratulations to the Trump supporters, and for the Hillary supporters, what can be said?  I hope you can come to terms with the country’s decision and heal in time.

You don’t need me to tell you that this was the nastiest and most “deplorable” campaign in history, and it’s not a campaign either side should be proud of. The bottom line is somebody was going to win, and somebody was going to play golf for the off season.

A few observations:

1)      For the worst political campaign in our life time, if not in history itself, this election was not a proud moment in American Democracy. In fact, it was an embarrassment in front of the rest of the world. We need to learn from this election, and having a candidate who used his own money and owes no special interest groups is a new direction and one we must seize on and use to change the political process. For once the people spoke, and they were heard, not special interest money.

2)     The numbers do not give Trump a mandate despite the win. Having said that though, the upset is astonishing and one can take that as a mandate that the American people have had enough of politics as usual. The mandate may not be in the math, but it’s in the result.

3)     It will take time for the country to heal, and that goes for both sides. No one, including yours truly, got through this without some hurt feelings and public scolding from someone from the other side of our personal choice. Healing will take some time for most, but the word “healing” is another campaign.

4)     We need to end the hostility, and the civil war prompted by social media. I had some people “un-friend” me and stop talking to me just over my political opinions. That is rampant, as most all of us have come across similar experiences. In one of my previous articles, I declared that we are amid a political civil war, I stand by that.

What we can be proud of is that there are no tanks in the streets, no soldiers patrolling our neighborhoods, no Marshall Law, and our cities are not on fire.  Those who are disappointed with the outcome need a few days to take it all in, as do the Trump supporters. This election was unique in so many ways, but we need to come together.  This should not be about right vs. left anymore, it should be the United States challenging the rest of the world, hoping that Trump fails as a President is counter- productive to us as a nation.

We say that every election cycle, and it might last a week after the inauguration if that. The opposing party goes for the jugular the first chance they get. From there it is game on, don’t misunderstand, no one gets a rubber stamp and there needs to be a system of checks and balances, but for the right reasons and issues, not just out of spite.

Finally, if this election taught anyone a message, it’s the media. I’ve never seen the media so bias in its open support of one campaign or another. That goes for the right and the left, the media needs to re-examine their roll and show some responsibility. That also goes for the Washington establishment and those special interest groups who try to buy the election. You all lost, for once you got what you deserved.

The American people just won back their country from the corruption and dirty half-truths of our political process. We have put them on notice.

We as Americans, face grave decisions, both on a national and international level. We need to come together and be proud of our country--that’s how we roll.