Shooting Cops is Not the Answer

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

To serve and protect.

That’s the common motto of those in law enforcement. Police officers put on a gun belt and a badge every day to protect us, they do a fine job, but are we protecting them? Growing up, most of us are taught that a cop is our friend, and that we can trust them and we must always do as they direct.

I woke up this morning to the announcement of another slain officer, this time in Tacoma, Washington, as of this writing the officer's name has not been released. The suspect was shot dead by police after a bizarre standoff.  The officer was responding to a domestic violence call, the type of call cops dread the most.

Meanwhile on the other side of the country, an Officer was shot in Raleigh, North Carolina, while investigating a break-in. The officer is expected to recover fully, and the shooter remains in critical condition.

When does it stop people?

To stop it, we must recognize what the problem is. When did society think it was ok to declare open season on law enforcement? What prompted our country to bow down to the bowels of society?

Although there is plenty of responsibility to pass around, it all starts at the top.

Yes, I’m going to start by blaming President Obama, not because I don’t support him or like his policies, and not because I want to take a parting shot at a lame duck. No, I am partially blaming him because he’s the root cause. Obama has failed to lead, it’s just that simple. The President, when he does speak out on behalf of cops, says one thing in front of cameras, but his actions betray his words. Perhaps it’s his in-actions that also betray his words.

Yes, there are some bad apples in law enforcement, and there have been shootings and beatings that should not have happened. However, they are far and few compared to the overall good that those who wear the blue do for society.

After the slaying of two officers in Des Moines, Iowa, in early November, Obama said this: “Across the country, our police officers go to work each day not knowing whether they’ll come home at night.  Their families live each day with the same fears.  So as Americans, we owe them our respect and gratitude for their efforts to safeguard our families and our communities.  And so, as we once again mourn American police officers lost in the line of duty, we must also renew the call to match that same sense of service, that same devotion within our own lives and our own communities.”

I can’t help but think that whoever wrote those words for the President, cared more than he did. Coming from his mouth those words are empty. Yes, he’s made statements on the shootings but talk is cheap.

 We want action Mr. President.

However, it’s too late for action from him. President Obama has less than two months left, in fairness to him, we can’t expect the man to correct in two months what it took him eight years to destroy.

(In our next installment, we look at the other groups who are partially responsible and we have some insight from officers who work the streets.)