Recapping Trump's Cabinet Picks

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

Those golden elevators at Trump Towers in New York City have become a piece of Americana, the wonderment of what goes beyond those elevators where Trump and his advisers hold court. (A court apparently includes kanye west it seems.) It’s reminiscent of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, where only a privileged few know what goes on behind the control point.

If Trump does have “Oompa Loompas”, you can bet they have been vetted and are legal workers.

A live stream of activity at the Big Apple's “Taj Mahal”, is on social media. It’s embarrassing, and intriguing, to watch all at the same time. I almost expect Ed McMahon to show up with a handful of balloons, telling someone at the gold doors that they just won the Publishers Clearing House.

Interviews and names have been bounced around where old enemies, sworn to the death, have suddenly become understanding Trump supporters, making us wonder if this is loving forgiveness, or the nature of politics, or perhaps more likely, just a lack of principals in trade for a high-profile job from someone who was the devil only a month ago.

As each person was selected, the left howled with criticism. “Too many Generals some say”, as if there was a limit on how many can be in a cabinet. Ask the military folks if they like having a former General as the Secretary of Defense instead of a civilian and I’m sure they will approve. Each person approved was targeted by the Democrats but with little ammunition.

That is until the President Elect chose Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon, has plenty of business experience, a fact that can either hurt or help him, depending on your viewpoint. It’s hard to comprehend his qualifications in comparison to other Senators or Governors with Foreign Policy experience.

There is a legitimate argument there from both the left and the right.  The Democrats will challenge at least one of those nominees and take them to the mat. They will only succeed if enough Republicans also go against Trump's pick. That’s not likely as the GOP is better served in their eyes by not challenging Trump out of the gate. Some may play the game, acting as if their against the nomination just to secure future chips in the Trump poker game.

Having said that, no one’s made the point yet that a businessman was elected President, with no political experience, so does it really matter that the Secretary of State also falls into that same category?

Here are the Cabinet picks as of this writing:

·       Attorney General – Senator Jeff Sessions, (R) Alabama

·       Education Secretary – Betsy Devos

·       Secretary of Health & Human Services – Representative Tom Price, (R) Georgia

·       Secretary of Transportation – Elaine Chao

·       Secretary of Treasury – Steven Mnuchin

·       Secretary of Commerce – Wilbur Ross

·       Secretary of Defense – General (Ret) James “Mad Dog” Mattis (R)

·       Secretary of Housing & Urban Development – Dr. Ben Carson

·       Secretary of Homeland Security – General John Kelly

·       Chief of Staff – Reince Priebus

·       UN Ambassador – Governor Nikki Haley, (R) South Carolina

·       Small Business Administrator – Linda McMahon

·       EPA Administrator – Scott Pruitt

·       Secretary of Energy – Governor Rick Perry, (R) Texas

Important but “Non - Cabinet Positions”

§  National Security Advisor - Lt. General Michael Flynn (Ret)

§  CIA Director – Representative Mike Pompeo, (R) Kansas

Cabinet Positions that still need to be filled:

Ø  Secretary of Agriculture

Ø  Secretary of Veterans Affair

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