Trump Wins Again: Is This Election Finally Over?

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

Despite the pundits, media hype and distraught Democrats, Donald J Trump was once again elected President of the United States, and the opposition seems to be out of options. The Electoral College certified Trump as the winner, but not without a sense of hysteria from those who oppose his Presidency.

We are in un-chartered waters; the Electoral College has never gone against the grade and the hopes of them doing so this time was a “Hail Mary" pass at best.  A last-ditch effort to change what they describe as the unthinkable.

The media, with the exception of a few, who also were in the tank for Clinton, fed into this hysteria and over played the likelihood of the electoral college overturning the country’s decision.

Cries of “He’s not my President” were heard around many state capitols as the electors gathered to do their appointed duty. This despite many electors being pressured and threatened to vote against Trump. It’s not an issue that was dismissed by Hillary Clinton or her Campaign Manager John Podesta, as they knew it was unlikely, and tried to create a constitutional crisis without due merit. There was no proof of cheating, that was confirmed with the recounts, another underhanded move by the Clinton regime.

Trump, of course, wasted no time in tweeting his victory. “We did it! Thank you to all of my great supporters, we just officially won the election (despite all of the distorted and inaccurate media).”, Trump tweeted.

The democrats used their last chip in the game and lost…again.

The non-Trump supporters need to accept their defeat. This is how it’s done in America, we have an election, the people have spoken and those whose candidate lost, quite simply, “just need to suck it up.”

The left will argue that Clinton won the popular vote and that is what should carry the day. A legitimate argument, but we go by the Electoral College. It’s the way it’s always been and you can’t change the rules because half the country does not like the outcome

If anything is to be changed with the electoral college and the popular vote, it needs to be done right away, without the interference of an election to muddy the waters.

The media, Hollywood, and the Democratic party need to understand that someone overpowered them. A coup of sorts. The American people who were in favor of Trump showed them and the world that the voters are still in charge of the country, and who runs it, in their name. Perhaps that’s a thought process that they all must come to terms with going forward.

That’s what this is really all about. A part of our institution has lost their grip and power over the country. They lost their ability to manipulate the course of the nation. Without the liberal mainstream media and the Hollywood crybabies, this notion of dismantling the Electoral College would have never gained ground. The media has a duty to report, not manipulate the direction of the country to their own agenda.

It’s over folks…finally. I’s time to accept it, deal with it, and move forward.

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