Jobs In Transportation: The Road To Economic Prosperity

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

When Professional Drivers look for a company to settle down with, they look for several factors such as compensation, health benefits, retirement plans and location. As with everything else, salary depends on that location, experience and the specific company need. Drivers have their pick of the litter as there is no shortage of jobs for good employees with a positive record of accomplishment.

Be accident free, and come with good references and a proven record of professionalism, and you have some room to negotiate your hiring package. Things look good in the trucking industry, as the U.S. Department of Labor states that the industry gained over 1000 jobs in November, and overall the unemployment rate declined to 4.6 percent in November, as total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 178,000.

General Freight Trucking has an hourly mean wage of $20.99 an hour, and Specialized Freight Trucking was just a bit less coming in at $20.58. The states with the highest employment level in the trucking industry are Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio. Out of those, the sunshine state is the lowest paying at an average of $18.19. (There’s a price to pay for the sun and no snow apparently.)

Its pays to be cold, as the top paying states are North Dakota, Alaska, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Wyoming, who all pay over 23.50 an hour.

Veteran Drivers look for different things than someone just starting out, and the crew at CR England has a place for both.

Training is key if a company like C.R. England is to remain both competitive and safe. One of the ways they are involved with training is to collaborate. Accordingly C.R. England partners with Premier Truck Driving Schools, and works with other network schools to provide CDL training for individuals just starting their careers. New drivers can attend one of their Premier Truck Driving Schools located around the country, or another school in their network that may be closer to home. Those who complete their training and meet the rest of the hiring requirements are guaranteed a job upon graduation. By collaborating with their network of schools, C.R. England can directly contribute to the training of their drivers, while offering them the experience needed to get started in the trucking industry. Trainers can earn up to $90K per year at C.R.England.

CR England can back up its reputation as an industry leader as they are a 2015 recipient of the Achievers Award for Most Engaged Workplaces in the U.S. 

“At C.R. England we pride ourselves in taking care of our drivers, veterans, and always having great equipment. When I came here, I was instantly impressed with how the owners and management invest in their people. I have been provided the tools to succeed and an environment second to none,” stated C.R. England’s Charles Kayser.

They also look to help veterans. "We are honored to recognize the many former members of the military who are part of the C.R. England team, both those who drive for us as company drivers and independent contractors, as well as those in driver-support roles across the nation," said Dan England, chairman of C.R. England. "Not only is it our duty to ensure that those coming out of the military have great jobs, but it is our privilege to hire these men and women. Veterans bring special skills to the workforce, which make them ideal candidates for positions in our company. Veterans are disciplined, team oriented and focused problem-solvers who have an unparalleled worth ethic. We extend our personal thanks to those who have served and who are now offering your skills to us in the private sector," he added.

C.R. England has many openings for skilled drivers as well as for those individuals that want to join the exciting transportation industry. Experienced drivers and trainers can earn up to $90K per year, depending on the route and experience. They are looking for local, dedicated, long haul, solo and team drivers.

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