Who Makes The Country’s Best Pizza?

In the midst of all this economic and political turmoil I thought it would be fun to take on a topic of real importance to the American Public. Specifically, who makes the country’s best pizza.

Now I have to forewarn you. I’m from NJ. My wife is 100% Italian. Pizza and sub sandwiches are a religion in NJ. We tend to be Pizza snobs. Having said that, I have lived all over the country and traveled to just about every State and major/minor city. I have eaten pizza in St. Louis, where they had the audacity to put American cheese and not mozzarella cheese on it. Cretins. I have eaten pizza in San Francisco, at least I think it was pizza. Should you put beans and sprouts on a pizza? I think not. Just saying. Then there is Sven and Ole’s pizza in Grand Marais, MN. Ohhh ya, dat was different.

There is pizza in a box in the freezer section of your local store and I have very fond memories as a kid of my father, Dutch, who on alternating Sundays would buy small personal pizzas for our dinner from the grocery store (Gino’s I think) and “fix them” with slices of hot dogs. Frozen pizza however usually leaves something to be desired…like taste.

There is thin crust pizza, deep dish pizza, Sicilian pie, NY tomato pies and then of course Chicago Pizza. My neighbors, from Chicago, love the stuff as do many Americans but me, I am more of a Neapolitan pizza guy. Thin, folded, dripping olive oil. What do you do when the tip of the slice isn’t cooked enough and is floppy? You flip it back of course and eat it like a sandwich. Its is an acquired skill.

There are take home pizzas, where you watch the guy build it at the store but then you take it home to cook it. Papa Murphy’s makes a pretty good take it home and cook it yourself pizza. At least its always hot, which can be the biggest drawback to take out pizza.

 I’ve had pizza in Mexico. Tasted like a quesadilla. Go figure. I eat pizza in Aruba each year at Pizza Bob’s (he’s from the US so it sorta counts) and it’s ok. I had pizza in Athens and I had Pizza in Rome. Didn’t much like the Roman pizza. It was cold and had a raw egg on it. Could have been me. My Italian language skills are a tad rusty.

The there’s thechain store pizza’s. OK…enough of that.

New Yorkers claim to have the best pizza and that like everything else its because of the NYC tap water. I think they may be onto something. They do have great bagels and great pizza. Must be the water.  

 The history of pizza and who invented it is subject to interpretation, but some version of what we could call a pizza goes back 7,000 years. I think I had some of that last week at a truck stop. I can still taste it. Anchovies...

I live in the Austin, Texas area. 600 Degrees Pizza in Georgetown is amazing as is Home Slice on South Congress. Both pass the pizza snob test. I give them both a 10.

 So who makes the country’s best pizza? It’s usually a regional thing. Drive fifty miles in this country and the food changes, language changes etc. Feel free to jump in here and give us your opinion. Are you hungry yet?

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