Was Trump's Snubbing of CNN Appropriate?

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

If Tuesday's press conference from President - Elect Trump was a sign of things to come, it’s going to be one hell of a ride for the next four years. Trump put the media on notice when he refused to entertain a question from CNN's Jim Acosta because the news network reported on the unproven allegations on Trump's behavior.


Trump's incoming Press Secretary Sean Spicer stated, “Before we start, I want to bring your attention to a few points on the report that was published in BuzzFeed last night. It’s frankly outrageous and highly irresponsible for a left-wing blog that was openly hostile to the president-elect’s campaign to drop highly salacious and flat-out false information on the internet just days before he takes the oath of office."

According to BuzzFeed’s own editor, there are some serious reasons to doubt the allegations in the report. The executive editor of The New York Times also dismissed the report by saying it was quote, “Totally unsubstantiated, echoing the concerns that many other reporters expressed on the internet.”

The fact that BuzzFeed and CNN made the decision to run with this unsubstantiated claim is a sad and pathetic attempt to get clicks.

Trump called CNN “fake news” and refused to even let Acosta ask a question. Acosta did not give up, and got into a shouting match with Trump. It was an incident both Trump and Acosta could have handled better. 

Fox News has been scolding their competitor and even asking how it feels to be shut out as they were by the democratic party during the election.

Fox has a maverick though and his name is Shepard Smith. Once a FOX staple, he is now resigned to an hour each day. Smith, whose commentary suggests he is not in the Trump camp, stood up for CNN. 

“CNN’s exclusive reporting on the Russian matter was separate and distinctly different from the document dump executed by an online news property,” Smith said. “Though we at Fox News cannot confirm CNN’s report, it is our observation that its correspondents follow journalistic standards and that neither they nor any other journalists should be subjected to belittling or delegitimizing by the president-elect of the United States”.

Response to Smith has not been kind.

As much as you may love seeing Trump in such a delicious moment, his reaction to CNN is frightening. You can decide if it was proper and presidential.

Just like most everything else with this election, Trump’s punishing of CNN is un-precedented. Typically, these types of arguments would be held with the powers that be from a network, behind closed doors. The other news outlets should not revel too much in CNN getting what they think was deserved. Today it was CNN.

Who will it be next time?

And just how long does a rebuking from Trump last on the grudge meter?

If you use his former opponents in the race as a guide, CNN will be nominated to the Supreme Court or a cabinet position. All kidding aside though, this does raise some serious red flags and alarm.

And rightly so, this has just turned into a debate about the Freedom of the Press, protected by the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. Networks report on questionable information all the time. That does not make it right though, and it’s why the media has become so credibility challenged. This particular report was so far off the charts, that no other outlets would touch it.

We saw this page come from Clinton's playbook as well, avoiding Fox news as much as possible, and not appearing on the network for interviews. It’s come down to “Who’s your favorite agenda driven media outlet?”.

The networks have all taken their stand on political agendas, and forgot they were supposed to report the news, not act as a proxy campaign office.

What do you think Road Warriors? Did Trump do the right thing?

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