Congressman Lewis Should Be at the Inauguration

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

As a nation, the one thing we always prided ourselves on was the ability to overcome our differences after the political circus we call an election year. We accept the outcome, move on, and gather for a Presidential transition. The most powerful country and government in the entire world sets the example with a peaceful transition of power.

It’s what every commentator mentions during the process. It’s a hallmark of our constitution, a birthright, and sewn into the very fabric of our flag.

In America, there is no coup, no tanks in the streets, and no martial law, despite the suggestion of a bizarre Rosie O’Donnell.

The Democrats, though ,still have not “grown up” and accepted their defeat. As our country's representatives, they belong at the inauguration. They fail to realize that this is not about them, but about the country they represent, which includes those who agree with them, and those who don’t.

Their attendance is not a show of sportsmanship or for the participation trophy, it’s to support the constitution, the same one they swore to defend. This is not a marriage, you don’t divorce the constitution because of irreconcilable differences or incompatibilities.

The decision of Congressman John Lewis, (D) Georgia, to call President-Elect Trump’s Presidency "illegitimate” is not just an insult, it’s a dangerous call to action and a message to our enemies. Lewis is a respected civil rights leader, and has the scars and bruises to prove it.

However, as a civil rights leader, Lewis, and his colleagues on the left, also have a responsibility to support the peaceful transition of power, and in doing so, shows his support of our constitution. 

This is non-negotiable for our elected officials.

Instead of promoting descent, Lewis should be supportive and work to fix what he thinks is wrong. Ignoring the issues and calling in sick for the day is inconsistent with being a leader. Leaders do not take their ball and go home. Leaders, do just that: they lead. They see what they perceive as a “wrong” and they do what they can to get involved, engaged and to make the difference they think needs to be made.

Anything less is a cop-out.

Lewis is missing a key-point to lead. He can rise up as he has done in the past, and rally the party to roll up their sleeves and fight the good fight. By not going to the inauguration, Lewis misses the chance to lead by example. I’m not suggesting he should abandon his principles, nor would I change mine to meet his.  However, I accepted an Obama Presidency, I wished him well and I fought against him and his policies as best I could. I didn’t turn my back in defeat, nor did the American people. We did what is expected of us in a Republic, we honored the will of the rest of the nation and hoped for the best.

Lewis has been a fighter his whole life. He rightfully and with courage, fought for the Civil Rights movement, and was physically beaten, very seriously, for his beliefs and cause.

The Clintons will be there, and if they can show their face, Lewis has no excuse.

Reconsider Congressman, your country, your party, and like it or not, “your President” needs you.

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