Meet America's Road Team Captain Kirk Weiss

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

It may only be the third week of a New Year, but The American Trucking Association is already busy with America's Road Team 201.  This is a national public outreach program led by a small group of professional truck drivers who share superior driving skills, remarkable safety records and a strong desire to spread the word about safety on the highway.

The name America's Road Team is meant to symbolize America's 3.1 million professional truck drivers, and to serve as a rallying point for the spirit of professional dedication and teamwork needed to deliver America's freight safely, securely and on time. Professional truck drivers actively represent their industry daily on the nation's highways. They are an untapped resource in spreading the trucking industry's message of safety, essentiality, sustainability, and professionalism. That's where America's Road Team fits in.

Each week, we will meet one of the team captains, who represent both you and our industry.

This week, meet Kirk Weiss

Kirk Weis has been a professional truck driver for 30 years and has accumulated over 1.3 million accident-free miles. He is a professional driver for ABF.

Kirk has attained a multitude of awards and titles over the years, including the One Million Mile Safe Driving Award, the 15-year Safety Performance Plaque, and the 14-year Safe Driving Certificate all from ABF. He has served as a member of the ABF Freight Road Team twice (2012-2013, 2014-2015) and is a Trucker Buddy to a school in France.

Other companies for which Kirk has driven have also acknowledged his performance. Roadway Express, for instance, honored him with the 6-years Safe Driver Certificate, 6-years Safe Worker recognition, and the Smith System Special Merit Award for Defensive Driving. Kirk has also received a 2-year Safe Driving Certificate from Borden’s Dairy, a 1-year Safe Driving Certificate from Star Motor Freight, Rookie of the Year, and the Certificate of Completion for Hazmat Transportation and Security Awareness Instructor Training Local 492.

Aside from those accomplishments, Kirk has competed and placed in several competitions: New Mexico State Truck Driving Championships, 2014- 3 Axle 4th; 2013- 3Axle 3rd; 2012 Twins; 2011Straight Truck; 2010-Straight Truck 1st; Team Trophy, Grand Champion; 2009- Straight Truck, Team Trophy; 2008- 1st Place Straight Truck; 2006- Straight Truck; 2005 – 3rd Place Straight Truck; 2002- Straight Truck 3rd Place; 2001- Straight Truck 3rd Place; 2000- Straight Truck 1st Place.

Kirk lives with his wife, Karen, in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and they have a daughter and a son.

American Trucking Association, the voice of the trucking industry, created America's Road Team in 1986 to reach out to the trucking industry and the motoring public.

We are grateful to Volvo Trucks North America for sponsoring the America's Road Team.

Kirk, on behalf of the U.S. Road Warrior Nation, we congratulate you and your family for such an honored and respected achievement.

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