Uber & Lyft Fight Trump’s Ban on Immigrants

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

Professional drivers for both Uber and Lyft ride sharing services have found themselves immersed in the politics of the Trump regime, and his ban on immigration from known terrorist countries. Drivers from both services have received e-mail’s from each company, suspiciously timed 4 hours apart from one another with Uber taking the lead.

Uber's email reads as follows.

At Uber, we've always believed in standing up for what's right. Today we need your help supporting drivers who may be impacted by President Trump's new immigration ban.

Drivers who are citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen and live in the US but have left the country, will not be able to return for 90 days. This means they won't be able to earn money and support their families during this period.

It's important that as a community we do everything we can to help these drivers. Here's what Uber will do:

Provide 24/7 legal support for drivers who are trying to get back into the country. Our lawyers and immigration experts will be on call 24/7 to help.

Compensate drivers for their lost earnings. This will help them support their families and put food on the table while they are banned from the US.

Urge the government to reinstate the right of US residents to travel—whatever their country of origin—immediately.

Create a $3 million legal defense fund to help drivers with immigration and translation services.

Uber is a community. We're here to support each other. Please help Uber to help drivers who may be affected by this unjust and wrong immigration ban.

Not to be outdone, Lyft also sent out a similar message and raised the stakes donating one million dollars over the next four years to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Lyft told their drivers and anyone that wants to listen:

“We created Lyft to be a model for the type of community we want our world to be: diverse, inclusive, and safe.

This weekend, Trump closed the country's borders to refugees, immigrants, and even documented residents from around the world based on their country of origin. Banning people of a particular faith or creed, race or identity, sexuality, or ethnicity, from entering the U.S. is antithetical to both Lyft's and our nation's core values. We stand firmly against these actions, and will not be silent on issues that threaten the values of our community.

We know this directly impacts many of our community members, their families, and friends. We stand with you, and are donating $1,000,000 over the next four years to the ACLU to defend our constitution. We ask that you continue to be there for each other - and together, continue proving the power of community.”

Although the emails are less than a few hours old and directed to their drivers, you can expect this to blow up on social media networks, and both companies could face a boycott by Trump supporters.

It’s a gamble and a dumb one at that.  It won’t make the difference to anti Trump supporters, they are going to use either service either way, as will those who support Trump. Surely, some will boycott, but Uber and Lyft have monopolies, and if you’re stuck for a ride, you put your feet before your pride, so in the car you go.

Mark my words, this is not going to sit well and it will be an issue. Expect other companies across the board to follow, again, drawing battle lines in an already divided nation.

Uber and Lyft threw themselves out there, and they didn’t have to.  A whole lot of symbolism and a poor decision from a business aspect.

There’s nothing to gain, it’s all risk, without reward.

However, look at the bright side, you now have something to discuss with your driver, instead of that awkward silence.

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