Pepsi Truck Driver Got Stuck On The Tracks...Then He Saw A Train Coming




A train-truck collision at the Main Street railroad tracks resulted in no injuries Thursday morning, but several streets at nearby railroad crossings have been closed temporarily.

The Pepsi-Cola delivery truck became stuck on the tracks and the driver was not in the vehicle at the time of impact, police Sgt. Jackie Rhodes said.

Driver Nick Contreras said when he was trying to cross the tracks at Main Street, the 18-wheeler became stuck because the crossing was too steep. 

Contreras said he tried to get the truck off the tracks for about 10 minutes to no avail. He got out of the truck and walked to call police when he saw the train approaching, he said.

Police were notified at 9:50 a.m. and alerted CSX.

“CSX didn’t have time to stop the train,” Rhodes said. “The crash occurred within two minutes.”

The train pushed the truck a few feet forward, landing in between the track crossings at Main and Lameuse streets.

Very few Pepsi products were scattered about the area. Pepsi products are distributed by Allen Beverages of Gulfport.

“The crossing at Main Street is so high that if trucks don’t cross it fast enough, they can get stuck,” Rhodes said. 

Nearby streets that cross the tracks were expected to be closed for a short time while the truck and debris are removed.

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