The Benefits & Review of Diesel Fuel Additives

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

We all know the pros & cons of diesel verses gasoline engines, but you salty folks, humor me so I can give the new Road Warriors the Diesel 101 Class.

Diesel engines differ from a gas engine in that diesel uses heat created from compression to ignite their fuel, instead of the sparks that ignite air-fuel mixtures in gas engines.  Now if that made any sense to you, you’re doing better than me.

Diesel engines are better for the following reasons:

·       Diesels are more efficient.

·       Diesels are more reliable. 

·       Diesels run cooler.

·       Diesels last longer. 

·       Diesel fuel is safer.

·       Diesels are more easily turbo-charged. 

·       Diesels produce minimal carbon monoxide. 

·       Diesel engines can easily accept synthetic fuels.

The cold weather moisture, road conditions, and how you drive the truck all take a toll on your diesel engine in the winter. It’s a good idea to use diesel-fuel additives, but with so many on the market, what’s good to use?

Diesel fuel additives are chemicals which are added to the vehicle’s fuel. There are several different strains, and each delivers an array of unique benefits. For instance, some additives, such as Nitromethane, are specifically utilized for racing. Others are intended for more practical purposes and can make the vehicle operate more efficiently, while also giving it a little extra power. 

The gang at Auto Products Review ranked the top three based on their research and testing.

Best Choice: Stanadyne Performance Formula

This is the best diesel fuel additive, bar none. While the fuel prices are currently on the decline, the oil market will eventually stabilize, driving the prices back up. By utilizing a fuel injection cleaner, you can receive the maximum performance from your vehicle, while getting the maximum possible miles per gallon. 

Second Choice: Power Service Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive

While many consumers may feel that investing in this additive too great for their financial budget, it is proven that Diesel Kleen can improve your gas mileage by 8%. Over time, you could potentially save money by investing in this additive, plus it will keep your injectors lubricated for maximum performance. This is an all-season additive that will restore and maximum horsepower of your vehicle.

Third Choice: Lucas Fuel Treatment

Lucas Oil Treatment will clean and lubricate your diesel vehicle’s fuel system. This can help to expand the longevity of the pumps, as well as the injectors. Finally, this product can eliminate and nullifying problems, which generally stem from low sulfur fuels. For added versatility and value, Lucas Fuel Treatment can be utilized in all diesel motor vehicles, as well as diesel engines in locomotives and marine equipment.

Fourth Choice: Red Line 85 Plus

85 Plus has been specifically formulated to meet EPA standards. It is EPA registered, so you can use it in your diesel fuel without any concerns. Although the product is inexpensive, it can provide you and your vehicle with numerous benefits. 85 Plus is also designed to lubricate cylinder walls, pumps, and injectors, while simultaneously preventing the formation of rust. This in return can help reduce the amount of smoke your vehicle produces, while also making it easier for your vehicle to turn over and start.

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