Trump’s Immigration Rollout is a Real Stinker

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

It’s been an interesting 2 weeks in American Politics. The news has been breaking faster than the cable news channels can wrap their cameras around any given issue, things are “fluid” to say the least. For his part, President Trump has been a whirlwind of action and seems determined to show the country and the rest of the world that he is in charge.

Mr. President, you went about it in all the wrong way.

First, let’s get past the “shock and awe” that something actually got done in Washington this week. Trump is a hands on guy, whether you like him or not, you have got to admire the man’s stamina.

However, there’s a difference between doing things right, and half-baked, and it would appear Trump’s immigration ban is more medium rare then well done.

Here’s where Trump went wrong.

Trump’s “temporary “immigration ban should have been better thought out and implemented. A brand-new President, getting his feet wet, should not have attempted that one so quickly. A new President, especially this one, is watched very closely by foreign governments. Trump’s executive order stranded people in the air, on their way here to the land of milk and honey.

Ban them if you must, but that’s just not fair or humane to those people who are not “terrorists” and got stuck in airports in a foreign country with little resources to defend themselves or care for themselves. Trump packaged this all wrong. It’s a bit unnerving that no one in the administration saw how the optics of this would look in airports across the country.

I certainly did, before it was on every news channel.

Enter our Judicial System, again, no one at “Team Trump” saw this coming?

The man in charge of the next Supreme Court Nomination should realize that such an issue should go through the courts, and won’t be settled for at least a year. Temporary decrees that border on immoral from their opponents will and do belong in the courts. This will no doubt be a Supreme Court ruling somewhere down the road.

No matter how well planned and executed, this was going to end up in the courts, it’s a no-brainer.

About the latest Judge to uphold the ban. A virtual unknown, until last Friday afternoon, it never ceases to amaze me how one can go from obsolete to being a topic of conversation so quickly.

Mr. President, you cannot disparage a judge because he does not rule in your favor. We gave you a pass on the Trump University judge, but now you're showing a pattern of blasting judges that don’t agree with you and that needs to be kept in the Oval Office.

Doing this to a judge as your trying to convince the country that your nomination to the Supreme Court is a good one, boggles the mind. So, you should ask yourself, why would Trump give the Democrats so much ammunition?

I can’t answer that, can you?

The alarming part is that there is no foreseeable strategy to support sabotaging your own agenda like this, that can justify your means at the end.

Eagerness is a good thing, Mr. President, and quite frankly a refreshing change, that is, if it’s done right.

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