If You Keep Doing What You're Doing...

“If you keep doing what you are doing, you’ll keep getting what you got.” --Tony Robbins

This quote or some variation thereof has been attributed to Tony Robbins, Henry Ford and even Jessie Potter, a women’s activist and speaker in Milwaukee. Whoever said it first or whomever said it correctly is really not important. What is important is the idea behind the quote. It is especially critical for the transportation industry.

As we roll slowly into 2017 there is a giant semi in the room (sorry, all out of elephants), specifically the prediction that the trucking industry will have a shortage of roughly 100,000 unfilled seats in the cab this year. Shouldn’t be too far off the mark. In fact, we’re still upside down 70,000 from 2016 and that is with an often sputtering economy. Imagine if things actually started to take off again? Believe what you will but perception is often reality. It doesn’t have to really be a good year but if we think it will be…voila! So with all that growth, where are we going to get the drivers to keep that economic engine moving? New drivers? Millenials? Women? Veterans? The answer is YES.

As transportation employers you’re stoked with a new year budget and directives to get those seats filled asap. You ask “What is new and exciting that can help me get my jobs filled?” The response is the same ole, same ole. Run a Cost Per Click campaign here, do a Cost per Applicant project with this vendor, basically, throw money at the problem and we’ll see what works. And these things do work, no doubt it about and they are successful at appealing to the 40% of the driver market that are actively seeking new employment and using job boards. What about the other 60%, some 700,000 drivers or more. No one is going after them. Why? 

Lets’ look at the root causes of the shortage in the first place. The average age of a driver is 52 years old. In the trucking industry that is approaching retirement if not there already. Appealing to that market segment doesn’t get you much. Forty percent of all drivers are actively looking for a job or about 400-600,000 people. Competition is high, especially for the good ones. Appealing to them on job boards, unless you specialize or are very innovative is pretty tough as you know, hence the shortage. Trouble is, you and every other driver recruiter is going after the same forty percent contributing to the 125% attrition rate in the industry. Another forty percent of all drivers are passive candidates. They'll look at a new job when the dispatcher or their boss makes them angry but for the most part they are not using job boards. Using traditional methods will fill some seats, no doubt about it, but, if you keep doing what you’re doing…

At USroadwarriors.com we tend to lean towards innovation. Sure, our job boards like DriverJobCenter.com offer traditional services and others like Cost Per Hire programs. Pay for Performance initiatives. VeteranDriver.com and GirlsNTrucks.com are boards that focus on the areas of greatest opportunity for new drivers. Suppose there was a technology that could sort through 1.5 billion job transactions on the web and using predictive analytics could predict, with great accuracy, how many applicants could be sourced in a given location, for a given job and over what period of time and then with a few clicks could put that plan into motion. Suppose that technology can also appeal to passive driver candidates, those drivers that might consider a new job with your company but are not going to job boards.


We’re looking for transportation companies, fleet owners and recruitment advertising agencies that are not satisfied with the status quo and would be interested in participating in a beta test of DriverMarketplace.com. 

Please contact me at carl@usrw-llc.com and put “predictive analytics” in the subject line. I’ll send you some information on how it works and together we’ll see if it makes sense for your organization. Of course if you'd like to engage us for more traditional and niche recruiting services, just let me know and we will give you a free 30 day trial. Together, let's turn 2017 into the year of innovation.

About the author:

Carl Braun is the Publisher and Co-Founder of USRW-LLC dba USRoadwarriors.com- the online magazine for drivers and truckers. USRW owns DriverMarketplace.com, USTruckerjobs.com, VeteranDriver.com, Driverjobcenter.com, GirlsNTrucks.com and DiverseDriver.com. He has been in the job board industry for 21 years and has owned upwards of 60 internet properties over the years focused primarily on niche recruitment advertising in transportation, diversity, veterans and many other categories. Carl focuses on new stuff. What is the industry not doing and where can employers find new and effective tools to improve results. 

He is the author of five novels including three military thrillers Two SecondsBorder War and The Merida Compact (on Amazon under the name C. Frederick Braun) as well as the historical thriller ISSA. His writing is featured in the USRW crime series Detective Trucker. He has also written a children’s history book on the role that God played in the creation of our country. He lives in Georgetown, Texas with is wife Sue and their chocolate lab Kayla. Together they have five children and six grandchildren. 

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