First Lady is the Headline of Trump’s Florida Rally

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

It was a scene set from Hollywood, even though they hate him, but President Trump’s arrival in Florida for a planned rally was dramatic and full of pageantry with a heavy pinch of pomp and circumstance. Air Force One pulled up to the jet stairway, which was right in front of the crowd, and the plane doors opened.

For a moment, I expected to see John, Paul George and Ringo come walking out.

As Lee Greenwood's, “Proud to be American” cranked out of the speakers, the President appears in the door way, and the crowd went into a frenzy (cue in “She loves you”)

There were a few magical moments for the press to notice, aside from their usual Presidential beating.  One of the most talked about moments was First Lady Melania Trump, who started the rally with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respecting God is back in style with this administration.

If you’re a Christian, your prayers were answered, although it won’t take long for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to pounce on that, and the issue of separation of church and state.

As a nation, we are all still trying to grasp the changing world in front of us, an election like no other, a maverick in the Oval, and a First Lady who has not exactly embraced her new role. Perhaps today was her coming out party.

“It is my honor and great pleasure to stand here before you as the First Lady of the United States. The America we envision is one that works for all Americans, and where all Americans can work and succeed. A nation committed to a greater civility and unity between people from all sides of the political divide. I will always stay true to myself and be truthful to you, no matter what the opposition is saying about me.”

FLOTUS added, “I will act in the best interest of all of you. I am committed to creating and supporting initiatives geared to my heart, which will have impacts on women and children all around the world. My husband is creating a country of great safety and prosperity. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to introduce the President of the United States, Donald Trump.”

President Trump stated that he didn’t know the First Lady was going to do that, and if you take that at face value, I’d like to sell you some insurance.

The liberal media took no time in denouncing the rally, only 30 days out of an inauguration. Let’s be honest, Trump won on his base and that’s who’s protecting him at rallies and in social media. Trump has proven that he does not care or need the media, his route of travel is to go around them and speak to the people himself, a page from the Reagan playbook.

For his part, Trump's speech was predictable, perhaps the only thing about him that is.  In the standard media bashing and beating, the President said “They’ve become a big part of the problem. They are part of the corrupt system. Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln and many of our greatest presidents fought with the media and called them out often on their lies. When the media lies to people, I will never, ever, let them get away with it."

Trump then went on to other topics, the usual suspects were all included.

Much to the probable dismay of the Secret Service, Trump called out a man in the crowd who he saw give an earlier interview. Gene Huber had his life changed today as Trump invited him onstage, un-vetted, and gave him access to the microphone.

Classic Trump, playing to his base.

I just hope for Huber’s sake he realizes the scrutiny he’s under now and I hope he has his skeletons buried deep. The media can’t scratch the teflon on Trump, so anyone else is guilty by association and thus collateral damage.

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