ATA Wants to Know About Your Charitable Work

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW


By nature, Road Warriors are a giving people. We do our best to honor the “Mariners Code”, where we don’t leave a brother or sister in distress on the road, and we rally around each other when one of us has a tragedy.

Our giving does not stop there, in fact, it’s probably minuscule compared to what we do for total strangers. I’m not talking about delivering goods to consumers who would absolutely go berserk if we didn’t do our jobs.

Face it, they will never understand.

Road Warriors are big on loving their country and giving to those in need, especially those who have served us in our Armed Forces. Those who serve, understand it’s not for everybody, all they want is your respect for what they sacrifice for you.

Your generosity is an investment in people and in yourself. It’s a cornerstone of our industry and says volumes about the people we are. 

American Trucking Association's President and CEO, Chris Spear, said the organization has commissioned the American Transportation Research Institute to examine and quantify the trucking industry’s various charitable efforts.

 “In October, during my first State of the Industry address, I said ATA would be launching a charitable foundation aimed at our industry’s top priority,” Spear said, “but to do that, we must first identify what it is our industry already does. From disaster relief efforts to community programs, and from disease awareness to schools and youth organizations, we know trucking already supports a vast array of worthy causes. This survey will help us narrow that list down so we can focus our soon-to-be-launched foundation’s efforts.”

 “Trucks deliver more than just the freight that our communities need,” said ATA Chairman Kevin Burch, President of Jet Express Inc., Dayton, Ohio. "They deliver money and volunteer efforts for charities and organizations in their communities. We want to take that giving spirit national with a new industry foundation, and this survey will help us do that.”

The survey, which can be taken at or by clicking here, asks respondents to break down their efforts by individual or corporate, state and value of contributions.

“As I said in October, I am certain our total charitable giving is in the billions of dollars, but in order to effectively tell the story of our industry’s generosity, we need to really understand all that trucking does to make our community better,” Spear said. “I’m looking forward to the results of ATRI’s survey and to the launch of our Foundation later this year.”

Yes, another survey. Instead of finding out what you were in your past life on a Facebook survey, why not help the ATA and our industry.

Your time begins now…pencils up!

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