Americas Road Team Finds a Different Scale

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

For those of you who made that diet a New Year’s Resolution, how’s that working out for you? Has your cheat day become plural? OK, no more harassment. If you’re like me, you’re still trying to find that motivation.

Leave it to America’s Road Team to set the example, as they always do.

American Trucking Association and America’s Road Team are congratulating five America’s Road Team Captains for successfully meeting their team’s weight loss goals and leading the field in Healthy Fleet’s 10 Pound Challenge.

 “ATA is very proud of the America’s Road Team Captains who committed to certain health goals, worked hard at exercising and eating healthy, and were able to see impressive results,” said ATA COO and Executive Vice President of Industry Affairs Elisabeth Barna. “This challenge will hopefully inspire others in the industry to focus on their health and wellness in 2017.”

Healthy Fleet’s 10 Pound Challenge ran from New Year’s Day to the end of February. Participants filled out diet and exercise trackers and monitored their weight loss progress through the official 10 Pound Challenge website. Healthy Fleet’s team of nutritionists and coaches provided valuable feedback and motivation for the drivers to produce lasting results.

Truck drivers have historically faced unique health challenges in their day to day work, but the emphasis on health and wellness in the industry is yielding results. Many fleets and industry suppliers are providing drivers with technology and services that encourage healthier lifestyles. Being seated for long periods of time and having limited access to nutritious foods contribute to reduced levels of fitness and well-being throughout the industry. In April of 2016, ATA released a video on health topics, focusing on exercise routines, diet options and getting proper amounts of rest.

“The 10 Pound Challenge gave me a chance to work alongside other drivers in achieving my weight loss goals and taking control of my health,” said America’s Road Team Captain Charlie Demchock of Walmart Transportation, a participant in the challenge. “The exercise and diet habits I’ve formed over the past two months are now part of my lifestyle, but I continue to count on my community of fellow drivers to motivate me.”

Challenge participants were divided into teams. The team of America’s Road Team Captains finished the challenge in 1st place and lost an average of 15.4 lbs. Health Fleet nutritionist Andrea Morley recapped the challenge in this video.

Healthy Fleet is currently taking registrants for their next challenge, which runs May 1 through June 30, 2017. This challenge will be app-based, doing away with the paper trackers, and providing participants with a more seamless way to monitor their diet and exercise habits. Interested parties can email to reserve a spot in the challenge. The challenge is suited for anyone looking to better their health, whether their goal is weight loss focused or not.

America’s Road Team Captains who participated and completed Healthy Fleet’s 10 Pound Challenge include:

·       Charlie Demchock, Walmart Transportation

·       Ralph Garcia, ABF Freight

·       John Lex, Walmart Transportation

·       John McCown, UPS Freight

·       Russ Simpson, Holland

Congratulations to the participants...the rest of you, (you know who you are) should be ashamed.

As for me, I can tell you that no donuts were harmed or consumed during this writing.

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