Senate Hearings are a Disingenuous Circus

By: Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

You didn’t have to look any further than Capitol Hill on Monday to find to find the crux of what’s wrong with this country, and surprise, it’s those who we elect to do the country’s business. A senate hearing with FBI Director James Comey, who’s existence in the government remains an ongoing puzzle, and a confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch.

These hearings and confirmations have become the new American blood sport, much the way the debates were during the election. They are short on substance, resemble the “Hunger Games” and are nothing more than pure harassment and a dog and pony show for Senators to pontificate and fall all over themselves. If you’re in the political party opposite the nominee, it’s an excuse to be rude and condescending in a chamber where diplomacy and manners between members is sweet and sticky, and all outsiders are fair game.

Democratic Leader, Senator Chuck Schumer (D) N.Y., likes to say that no one should get a rubber stamp in a confirmation hearing.

What Schumer and his band of merry men are missing is that those who voted for and support Trump do not want a rubber stamp.

It's quite the opposite as Team Trump voted against the rubber-stamped establishment. Schumer needs to look no further than his own party on the rubber stamp issue. They chose a candidate who was under FBI Investigation, whose campaign accepted secret debate questions from a journalist, whose husband met on a tarmac with the Attorney General a day before his wife was found complicit in the investigation, but was not criminally charged.

The Democratic National Committee rubber stamped Clinton, and got caught doing so. Senator Bernie Sanders was a legitimate, though bizarre, candidate who they humored and had an agenda dead set against him

So please, Senator Schumer, don’t lecture us on your virtue, ethics, and rubber stamp.

The voters rejected the rubber stamp, they don’t want politics as usual or to be told by the party who to support. They are tired of “who’s turn it is” and backroom deals setting legislation based on special interest and not the interest of the people.

By all means, I want nominees to be vetted. There should and must be a system of checks and balances, and I submit that’s what our forefathers envisioned. They, in their time, had people who wanted to really do what was best for the country as a whole and the people they represented.

The goal was usually the same, both parties just had different ideas of how to get there. That worked in a time and place where good intentions ruled the day, not special interest, and greedy politicians.  

By all accounts, background checks, position papers, prior judgments, and the time he got detention for talking in class, Gorsuch has little for congress to pick apart. Schumer and his gang are wasting time on a candidate they can’t defeat, nor should they try.

But that won’t stop them from trying.

The Judge finds himself on the other side of the bench, being judged, not by a jury of his peers, but by a jury who can’t remain impartial and whose verdict was cast before the trial even began.

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