Trump and the GOP Fall on Their Face

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

There is a conflicting and inconsistent sense of confusion, and a mixed message, coming from the Trump Administration and the Republican controlled Congress over the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the implementation of a GOP Health Care Plan. The Right Wing promised to the party for the past 7 years that once they got in control of the White House and Legislature, this would be a priority.

There’s another angle to this, one that mainstream pundits haven’t touched on yet, but we will address that later in this article.

This was doomed from the beginning and here’s why.

1)     Trying to repeal and replace something in 60 or so days that took years to formulate and get into existence is next to impossible. This bill was dead before it was even given birth, perhaps a victim of its own restrictions on maternity and women’s health care.

This was too little too soon, it was fast-tracked, not thought out or properly vetted through the legislature. It gives the impression that Trump was just eager to make good on a campaign promise, and it was more optics than a plan with substance that would truly help the American people.

2)     Blaming the Democrats for not backing the bill. Seriously, did you really think that the left would break ranks and vote for something that their party implemented? Don’t blame them Mr. President, when your own party had the common sense to not pass a half assed plan.

Now for that other angle, Trump was taken to school by his own party and they taught him a lesson he’s not soon to forget. He may have the GOP numbers, but they have just served notice to their President that there is no rubber stamp, and his strong-armed bully tactics are not going to work. The right sent Trump a wakeup call that there is no mandate, and that they are very much part of the legislative process.

Trump blundered by trying to do this so quickly and the fallout of the failure is far more reaching then one might think.

The GOP and Trump look foolish, they lost credibility, momentum and threw the Democrats a serious propaganda bone to chew on. Former President Obama is laughing hysterically at the demise.

Our enemies take notice of a country even more divided, and we see it as a democracy in action. They see it as a weakness, a distraction to take advantage of and in a world as volatile as it is, they will surely push the envelope and force our hand.

This is how wars start.

Now as for Trump stating that the he’s moving on from health care to tax reform.

This is not a real estate deal Mr. President. You don’t walk away after a defeat and pretend it didn’t happen. You don’t suggest to your citizens that, out of spite, you will allow Obamacare to implode and then worry about it at the time.  You don’t blame the opposing party or those in your party who refused to be a rubber stamp.

You are the Commander in Chief, the men and women you command in our military don’t walk away because the mission hit speedbumps or even land mines. No Sir, they complete it and see it through, no failure, no excuses, no scapegoats, they accept responsibility for their actions.

They expect you to do the same, and set the example that we don’t walk away out of hurt feelings. We re-group, come up with a new plan, and execute to victory.

Finally, Mr. President, you do not issue ultimatums to the American people. When you tell Congress it’s your way or no way, that’s not a Republic sir, that’s strong- arming the people we elected to represent us, and in effect, you are then issuing an ultimatum to your citizens.

The people issue the ultimatums in our Republic Mr. President. Your election is living proof of that statement.


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