Stop the Nonsense, Put Gorsuch on the Bench

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

The stench of bi-partisan politics continues to waft over Washington. In this particular issue, it's about not wanting to hire a man who can make your company better.

The nomination and political debate of Judge Neil Gorsuch is a no brainer, that is if you are doing what’s morally right and what the constitution calls for. The democratic resistance to Gorsuch’s nomination is without merit, other than the basic fact that he is a conservative.

That is a point on ideology, not substance. It’s understood that the left will always put a liberal on the bench and the right a conservative. That’s not a good enough reason to drag a man or woman of honor thru the mud, intrude in their personal lives beyond reason, and dismiss all their hard work and career success--all because they don’t belong to the same political party.

This is just another glaring example that a two-party system is counter-productive to the good of the country.

Congress should be in the mindset of a corporate CEO, interviewing the candidate that’s best for the job, wanting someone of such high regard and integrity, and wanting them to take the job and help bring success to your company, or in this case the country.

I get it, the left is still upset over losing the election and the snub of Obama’s nominee to the bench, Judge Merrick Garland, whom the Republicans refused to bring to a vote since the election was less than a year away. 

Whether that’s wrong or not, compounding another nominee on spite is not problem solving.

That’s what both the right and left have not figured out about the past election. The deplorable and the non-deplorable don’t care who has the answer, just solve the problem, and move on to the next one. Main street America does not care about politics, they want results. If Ivanka wants to work for free, let her. She has value to bring to the table. I don’t care who her dad or husband is, or what her fashion line looks like. If she can make the country better, we should welcome her dedication and loyalty.

Gorsuch is the poster boy of who you want your daughter to bring home. He’s the son we would all be proud of. An accomplished jurist who has proven that he is worthy of the highest court in the land.

There are no scandals, no skeletons, no mistress, no stained dress.

Just a guy who is dedicated to his profession of implementing justice, loving his family and his country.

As usual, Senator Schumer and his wolverines are wasting time on battles they can’t win, and losing sight of the bigger picture.

Voters are a different breed these days, they are paying attention, they are educating themselves and they are speaking out. They will not tolerate ‘obstructionism' by either party.

The Republicans should use the nuclear option, we are wasting precious time, treasure, and resources to debate over a boy scout.

Enough is enough.

To the democrats I say this, whether you follow the party bosses or not, Neil Gorsuch will be sitting on the bench at his job come election day.

Will you be?

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