Trump Addresses Infrastructure During Builders Speech

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

So, did you ever think you’d see a President who knows how much concrete and rebar you can lay down in a single day?

And with that President Trump opened a speech to the North America Building Trades Union, (NABTU) on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, ironically, just days before he meets with the Chinese President.

Trump addressed the infrastructure of our roads and bridges during the speech. The following are excerpts from the speech.

"Over the last decade over 750,000 construction jobs have been lost, real wages in the construction sector have fallen more than 15%, since the 1970’s. we rank 39th in the world for construction permitting. Approvals for infrastructure projects can take up to ten years.

"Since taking office I have signed one action after another, to eliminate job killing regulations that stand in our way. I have this chart that is amazing, (shows chart) If you want to build a highway in the United States this is a list of the permits you need. It’s a process that can take well over ten years, and at the end they vote against it. You must go thru 17 agencies’, with many different permits from each agency.

I have ordered expedited environmental reviews on infrastructure. Environmental and energy projects all across the country.

No longer will you have to wait year after year for approvals that never come. We are fighting for workers of all backgrounds and walks of life, but to achieve true progress, we must remember our legacy. We are the nation that built the tallest skyscrapers, on what was once the Hudson River and put neon lights on what was once the desert in Las Vegas. But if government continues to punish Americas builders, then we will not be that nation any longer.

I’m calling on all Americans, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, to come together and take part in the great rebuilding of our country. That is why in my address to congress, I called on lawmakers to pass legislation that produces a one trillion-dollar investment in the infrastructure of our country.

With your help, we can rebuild our countries bridges, airports, seaports, and water systems. We will streamline the process to get approvals quickly so long delayed projects can finally move ahead."

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