It’s Sundown in Syria as Trump & Putin Face Off

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

The news cycles are amazing to watch. The news is happening faster than even cable news can keep up with, and with so many fires smoldering and a few wildfires that are out of control, the pace is both exciting and alarming.

That’s not a good excitability either. President Trump has more than a full plate, but a lot of this is also a result of his fast-paced aggression, and a man who is learning the job as he goes, as is evidenced by some amateur and painful mistakes in his first few months.

Trump’s brash, yet mystical, style is about to be tested in Syria.

What can be said about a world that allows the leader of a nation to use chemical weapons on his own people without the severest of consequences?

The UN, the farce that it is, will not act or condemn Assad and his demented minions because Russia can veto the resolution. Yes, those pesky Russians, doing everything they can to cause chaos on the world block.  They are an episode of Rocky & Bullwinkle meets Get Smart.

Boris and Natasha would be proud.

There are already signs that Putin and company may be a bit unnerved on how to handle Trump. Trying to make it look like they are calling Trump’s bluff, the Russians have challenged Trump to suggest what should be done with Syria. Daring him to back up his rhetoric.

It’s a gamble on Russia’s part, trying to call out a man they are not familiar with. I submit that they are not calling his bluff as much as they are trying to get a read, and goad him into showing his hand. This is high stakes cat and mouse, except the main stream media has not noticed it yet. Putin is worried about his next move in Syria if Trump retaliates.

America has a moral act to intervene here. It’s not about nation building, regime changes or looking to plunder into another country. It’s about human decency, a simple case of right vs. wrong, and a moral responsibility of who we are as Americans. We stand for human rights, though I admit, we wrongfully turn a blind eye to such violations when it conflicts with our political interests.

The rest of the peace-loving countries on planet earth are horrified at the Assad regime’s actions. Except Russia and Iran, two players who have skin in the game, and who’s support of Assad show just how evil they are.

The only option on the table to have any effect is the military one, and there’s not a good option in that scenario. Dropping bombs in close proximity of Russian and Iranian troops is playing with matches, not to mention the airspace is crowded in that area with various countries' war planes.

 The other problem is what do you bomb?

There’s nothing left to destroy in Syria, unless you target Assad himself, and suddenly those matches I spoke of become a flame thrower.

None of us want to get involved in anything in the Middle East, and Americans have the “been there, done that” mentality when it comes to wars and military actions.

Except, consider this. The issue needs to be addressed, and forcefully, and in an effort to win, accomplish the mission and get out. Not addressing the issue is just buying a false sense of peace and security, and it will escalate into a much bigger problem. That’s where we find ourselves today, Obama kicked the can down the road, and failed to act when it was only us in the neighborhood. We failed to lead, and instead we have a much bigger problem to deal with as a result.

There is no easy, clean answer to this problem, but it must be solved

We are America. Being a superpower comes with an awesome responsibility to lead and protect the weak from the bully. It’s much more than that though, our inaction on the world stage and our loss of credibility has threatened our own security.

It’s not the first time that America and Russia have stared into each other’s eyes over the chess board.

Your move, Mr.  President.

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