The Trump Train Heads Back to D.C.

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

The Presidential pilgrimage to the land where the faithful still make annual pilgrimages to holy sites, is finally over, and President Trump has his feet planted on American soil once again. The haters will hate everything about the trip, the deplorable’s will cheer about what a wonderful trip he has had.

All politics aside, this trip was the best thing Trump has done for himself and the country. For his own good, it was obvious that the CEO and President of the USA was on a tight leash, and kudos to those on the other end of the choke collar.

This trip made history with its many side stories, andit was meticulously planned and executed. It was a direct opposite of Obama’s first trip, where apologizing and bowing was the trips main agenda. This trip, Trump was Trump, no nonsense, no false pretense, he told it like it was, and not everybody appreciates a real dose of reality.

If you follow me as a reader, you all know that I’m a big believer in optics, and this was spectacular in its pomp and circumstance. Critics will say it was too much, perhaps they have a point, but it was nice to see the United States being welcomed into the fold and leading from the front, not from behind.

This was apparent in Trumps man-handling of Dusko Markovic, the leader of Montenegro, who was at his first summit. Welcome to the world stage Dusko.

For his part, Trump gave that part of the world and our NATO allies the unpleasant truth. He called them out for not doing enough about terrorism, he spoke of and to the three major religions o  cooperation and human decency, and shamed them for their complacency.

The leaders at the Arab Summit sat in eerie silence with long faces. They were being scolded by someone who they have yet put trust in as a world leader.

More reason for Trump to give it straight.

Before our NATO allies, Trump called them out for depending on America for ultimate protection, wanting us for our military might when its convenient, but forgetting to kick in their fair share. Enough American blood has been shed on the cheap backs of other countries. The Arab’s listened intently, while the NATO leaders smirked and rolled their eyes, as if the chool principal was addressing them.

Most American Presidents go on a goodwill tour their first time out, they are all about pretentious politics, warm fuzzy feelings and trying to be accepted by the in- crowd. For the past 10 days, America was the in-crowd, and the others across Europe are not happy with a President who is going to be involved and lead again. Trump put them all on notice, and yes America is back.

For her part, First Lady Melania and the Trump family and advisors handled themselves with dignity, professionalism and represented us in fine fashion…literally….fine expensive fashion.

Now, it’s back to the fog of war in Washington. This trip is the chance for Trump to lay off Twitter, stay on the leash, and stay in the White House, not the doghouse.

If nothing else, the ten days in the desert heat might turn out to be good for the President, as it’s about to get a lot hotter in D.C.