Comey’s Firing was Long Overdue

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, has been the modern day “shot heard around the world”.  The way the left and social media is acting, you would think the North Koreans just nuked the South Koreans.

I will dispense of all the background on Comey, even though it’s that background that cost him his job. You know the where and why. Comey got fired because he was proven to be incompetent. Comey, by all accounts, is a respected Law Enforcement Officer. Sadly for him and his career, he allowed the Clinton scandal to define who he was.

In a position like that, you can’t let that happen.

It really is that simple. Let’s cut back on the Saturday Night Massacre/Watergate analogies. This is pure politics,--there are no tanks in the street, the security of the republic is fine, and you will still have to pay taxes.

Comey should have been fired on day one; Trump could not clearly fire him then because of the optics of pending investigations, which involved Trump.

For those who are screaming “cover-up” in Paul Revere style, you’re trying to muddy the waters. Trump is president, get over it. Comey still knows that whatever he discovered about the Russian investigation (since he does not do the leg work) is known to a dozen or more agents with full knowledge that would not, and hopefully could not, let a cover up happen. If you want to talk about cover ups, the left should be talking about why Comey didn’t indict Hillary.

The left and the right are both responsible for their confusing mixed messages on Comey. HRC herself, just days ago blamed Comey for her defeat, now Senator Schumer and crew are trying to come to Comey’s defense, and its intent is so transparent. It’s all spin to keep pressure on Trump and keep the state of the union in a befuddled mess. 

The deplorable's sent Trump to Washington to drain the swamp and apparently, his actions indicate that he’s doing just that.

Having said that, Comey got the word he was fired by watching it on TV, a major fail and classless on Trump’s part. Comey deserved the respect to have been dismissed in a professional manner. I expect more from my government then a half –baked and embarrassing firing. The kids at McDonald’s get fired with more respect.

Regardless, this had to be done.

The FBI has a black eye, and does not have the confidence of the American people or Congress; it needs to walk that fine line between investigator and prosecutor. Comey’s biggest blunder was making the decision to not indict Clinton. He should have given that to the Justice Department with recommendations for indictment. Instead, Comey took the heat of Attorney General Loretta Lynch and put himself out there in the line of fire. Comey had a choice to do the right thing, and chose not to, and for that he let himself down.

The firing of Comey, although necessary, is a first step in gaining confidence back in our internal systems that went off the rails and jumped tracks. Comey should have seen this coming and resigned long before it went this far.

With a new director, one that’s pro Trump, it’s going to get very interesting in Washington, and some folks may not sleep too well for a few days...or years.

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