The Left Can’t Get It Right

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

When are they going to figure it out?

The Democrats that is. After another kick in the head, this time in South Carolina and Georgia, a special Senatorial Election, another win for the deplorable’s and another embarrassment for a party that has lost its way. Its party symbol, a donkey, is becoming more of the proverbial jackass.

To the left, I offer the advice that they need to hear but seem to be missing.

It quite simple. Being anti Trump is not a party platform. The left will laugh at my well-meaning wisdom, after all I’m just a voter, one of the common folk, a peasant whose job is to serve my country, pay my taxes, and worship politicians of any party.

True, I’m only one person, one vote, but when we say enough is enough, we mean it and we the people are calling the balls and strikes.

The party of Kennedy and Obama needs to re-tool, ironic, isn’t it? Kennedy does everything to cool race relations and Obama did everything to undermine those relations. It’s time to send the usual suspects, like Pelosi, Waters, Cummings, Schumer, Feinstein, to the tar pits. The younger democrats get it, they have new blood, new ideas and can energize a party that’s going under for the third time. The democratic lifeguards are in a safe place, and the sharks won’t bother feeding on a liberal-- yes, even sharks have standards.

The special election should be a wakeup call to Schumer and his band of merry men and woman. We are too far out now from the 2016 election, the blame game didn’t work, Hollywood failed, and they couldn’t even buy the seat in Georgia. The lefts normal trolling grounds in Hollywood have also realized they are no longer so self-important. You could expect the right to win a few after the election, and the left figured the novelty would wear off and they thought the timing was right this time around. After all, in their eyes it had to be a win, they have done nothing but obstruct the country’s progress. Now it’s time for the autopsy, to figure out what is wrong with the party, its lack of direction and like a shark with one fin, they are swimming in circles.

The older democrats in congress refuse to relinquish power to the younger ones. Instead of prepping and mentoring the up and coming leaders of the party, they hold them down because the term limit poster children are running things.

When has the left offered anything tangible since January?

Where is their tax plan? What is their plan to save a failing health care system? The one they created. Where are they on Syria, Iran, North Korea, and China? They are all in on Russia, but that’s the problem, all the eggs are in one basket.

Rotten eggs that is.

Trying to obstruct the other party’s ideas is expected and encouraged, both left and right. Explain to me some day how that makes sense though.

The party is in shambles, there is no true leadership, no focus, and no plan. The younger democrats need to do just what the deplorables did. They fought the media, the establishment, and they are nowhere close to being done. Don’t believe me, the right is 5-0.

That’s not a statistic, that’s a red flag that you’re not doing things right.

Here’s a hint to my friends on the left, start coming forward with alternatives to a right-wing agenda, and don’t play the GOP runs the house excuse and you can’t get a bill through. The American people are divided, but give them good ideas and they will follow,

Hating the guy who beat you is not enough.

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