Comey Gets His Day in Court

By Eric G Braun, Senior Writer, USRW

What was billed to be a high drama, high stakes hearing turned out to be about as exciting as Geraldo Rivera and Al Capone's Vault. You younger readers will just have to Google that one. The Senate Hearing with Former FBI Director James Comey did not live up to the hype.

And that’s a good thing.

If you’re looking for the detailed breakdown, I’m not going there. There’s just not enough space to draw all the conclusions that this side show created. Chances are you saw it and drew your own conclusions, and that’s good enough for me.

It’s hard to draw any inferences; where some doors were closed, others were opened. Pandora’s Box comes to mind. The truth is that this debacle had a little bit of everything for everyone, perhaps a noteworthy achievement that represents that all sides were heard.

The other aspect is the Committee Members, and there were definitely some observations that I can’t overlook.

1)     This has to be the first hearing where it was even remotely civil, and not beating up on the witness for political points. I’m not naive, everyone had a personal and political agenda, but the lack of the usual antics is telling as well. I sensed that no one, specifically the republicans of the committee, did a whole lot to discredit Comey when questioning him. It leaves me wondering if Trump has their confidence and support. I will refrain from using the word “loyalty” … that seems to be upsetting to some people these days.

2)     Comey releasing his opening statement before the hearing was brilliant. In doing so, he was the drama maker and it was on his terms. It took the sound bites and wind out of the USS Democrat, and the media whores of the senate lost their magic moment in front of the cameras. All they could do is ask the follow up questions, which were not as dramatic. In that sense Comey controlled the hearing, if for nothing else, you have to admire that feat.

3)     Senator John McCain--this was just sad. McCain raised speculation of a slight touch of dementia, the normal well-spoken and informed legislator made little sense, his points obscure to the hearing and erratic. Did you feel as uncomfortable watching him as I did?

Those who wanted to find a way to burn Trump think they have the justification to do so, those who give him penance will feel his sins are not mortal ones.

My take is that we have an arrogant & egotistical President who is used to being the top dog who got every bone he ever wanted. He is not used to being on a leash, and constantly breaks free and runs, but with no clear destination or purpose. He is his own worst enemy, not the left. Having said all that, he is a novice in the political field, the very nature of why he was elected. A lesson was learned here, he now knows that he does not control everything.

Let’s hope it’s a lesson well learned.

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