5 Apps Truckers Can Use to Help Them Lose Weight

Weight gain is the norm for many truckers due to the sedentary pace of the job. However, apps such as MyFitnessPal and Glooko empower truckers to stay (or become) healthy and to lose weight. Here is a look at five helpful apps as well as a few bonus apps.

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal makes tracking your food and calorie intake really easy, helping to ensure that you do not go above your calorie deficits. If you are using a smartphone, and on the road, you probably are, you have several options. One is to use "Add Food," and search for the appropriate food and serving size. Nutritional information such as calories will already be available. If you have an item with a barcode, scanning the barcode gives you everything you need. The app remembers what you eat frequently, so re-inputting foods common for you is a snap.

Also nice is the community feel with MyFitnessPal. You may enjoy friending other truckers and teaming up with them to keep one another accountable. You can use community forums to reach out to other truckers for ideas, too. The app also provides a comprehensive range of exercises; choose those that fit best with your lifestyle.

2. Glooko

Glooko is great for truckers with diabetes, whether it is type 1 or type 2. For example, the app keeps an eye on your blood sugar levels by using data on your meter. Sharing information with your doctor is easier too, as Glooko lets this exchange happen remotely. The app also gives you the opportunity to track your insulin, food and carb intake.

3. Fast Food Calorie Counter

Fast food is a big part of many truckers' diets, but as you no doubt know, there are healthy (or healthy-ish) selections to be had at many restaurants. This app enables you to make educated decisions on which restaurants to stop at and which foods to order. You can find out nutritional information for 73 restaurants and almost 9,200 menu items (as of August 2016).

4. Rolling Strong

This app is geared specifically toward truckers. For instance, it can point truckers to the location of the closest truck-driver-friendly medical clinic and provides a library of wellness seminars. Truckers who become members can call their wellness coach and benefit from nutritional guides and physical exam coaching for the commercial driver's license.

5. Fitness Buddy

This app covers the exercise part of health and wellness. Choose from an incredible array of exercises, watch videos and customize your routine. You can also input your weight and body measurements to see how they change. Exercises include those for the shoulders and core, and you might enjoy doing some while you drive.

Two Bonus Apps

The following apps are bonus apps in that they are not designed for nutrition or fitness but help keep truckers occupied in fun ways.

•          Audible: For $14.95 a month, you can listen to a wide range of audio books that keep you entertained and less likely to reach mindlessly for snacks. There are plenty of good audio book apps; you may also be interested in checking out Audio Books, Downpour and OverDrive. OverDrive is library-based, so you can enjoy audio books for free through your library.

•          Pokemon Go: As a trucker, you likely travel wide and far. Pokemon Go, in which you try to catch all manner of Pokemon and reign supreme in gym battles, is a great motivator to go walking. It makes exercise a lot of fun.

With the above apps, truckers are well on the road to better health. They can closely track their caloric needs and food intake and experiment with exercises. Audio books and games inject much-needed doses of fun, too.