How to Stay Connected to Your Family Even When on the Road

Even though truck driving salaries are increasing eight to 12 percent annually, we still face the problem of a shortage of drivers. The numbers are around only (73,500) this year and 890,000 in the next 10 years.

A report from the American Truckers Association declared there are 48,000 trucker jobs that need to be filled. It's not a mystery why this shortage is happening. Trucking requires long hours on the road, and if the drivers are parents, it is even emotionally harder to be away.

How can professional truckers stay connected to their families even when on the road for days or weeks at a time? Thanks to modern technology, it is easier than ever to be a part of your family's lives, even though you're miles away.

Here are a few ways to do that.

1. Skype Calls and Video Chats

There's nothing like seeing your kids' faces to brighten your day. And every time they see yours, they'll have that constant reminder of your love and care. Try to get WiFi on the road so that you can make Skype calls during your breaks. Using the sense of sight as well as sound creates a more multi-dimensional form of connection for your family.

2. Send Your Kids SMS Messages

Texting and chatting are important to teenagers. Ever wonder why it seems you can get more out of a texted message to them than one that is face to face? Some young people just respond better to digital devices. Don't sweat it, but use that to your advantage. Send them a WhatsApp message to say you are thinking of them or wish the good luck on their school test. Even a quick message that says "Gdnyt!" can mean the world.

3. Share Your Travel Pictures on Social Networks

Got a digital cam? Do invest in one. Sure, you might not have time to see the touristy sights in cities that you drive to, but there's always some nature to be found along the highways and back roads. Start an online album where you can upload digital photos for your family to enjoy. They'll feel like they're right there with you on your journey. Just the same way you hold them in your heart as you motor on.

4. Send Postcards

Handwritten messages may be old fashioned, but they're the kind of keepsakes that are treasured forever. Sending your family postcards are a traditional way, but one that will allow them to collect your memories and look forward to the next one. Then, once you're back home, you'll have those very same memories that will set the scene for a great night of storytelling.

5. Show Up Whenever You Can

Make the important moments count. You might not be able to attend every one of your son's football games, or cheer your cheerleader daughter on, but when you do it will make all the difference in the world. Let them be a part of your schedule by talking about your job's deadlines and travel plans. Show your interest in their schedules too and try to see how you can work your schedule to fit in with theirs.

The important thing is that your family sees and knows that you make them a priority. Of course, you have their best interests in mind, and that's why you are working the long hours and late shifts. You may not be able to turn back the time, but you can be there for them as much as possible--even if it's in a virtual world.

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