National Anthem Girl Janine Stange has strong connection to trucking

She is called the National Anthem Girl because of her goal of being the first person to sing the national anthem in public in all fifty states, but for Janine Stange, her singing is only part of the story. She developed a true appreciation for professional drivers as a young girl working in her family's bagel shop. 

"These delivery drivers would bring us our supplies in the wee hours of the morning, always friendly and pleasant. I realized that this was happening at that same moment in businesses all over the United States and that without drivers and truckers, everything would come to a screeching halt," Stange said. 

She really came to appreciate the role of truckers much later when she toured for 8 days with hundreds of truckers in the Wreath's Across America tour, a program that places wreaths on the graves of fallen veterans at national cemeteries across the country. She rode and cried with a Gold Star Dad and met a 92 year old WWII veteran that helped her understand the true meaning of patriotism. He said "God Bless America. Love it. Live in it. Protect it. This became part of what I call My American Promise. I speak at companies and schools across the country helping people appreciate why it is so unique to be an American and why it is so important for all of us to respect the flag and our  National Anthem, Stand for it, put you hand on your heart and sing those beautiful words," she said. "Anyone that doubts the importance of this should visit the brave men and women who have died for it at Section 60 in Arlington National Cemetery," she added. This section is often called 'The Saddest Acre In America'

Janine sang the National Anthem at the GATS Great American Trucking Show in Dallas this year performing for supporters of ESGR, Employers Supporting Guard and Reserve. USRW had a chance to visit with her.  "There are so many people trying to divide us in this country. Nothing good comes from that. Instead of dividing we should be uniting. The Star Spangled brings us all together no matter where we are for 90 seconds. Its beautiful to watch and participate in this," Janine said. 

If you'd like Janine to come to your school or company, to speak or sing or both please visit her website