Top Trucker Apps

Sometimes our phones are our most useful tools while trucking across on the open road. We can message and call our families, update our social media or play a quick game of Angry Birds while our partner takes the wheel. But that’s not where their usefulness ends. Here are a few must have apps for truckers.

Logistics Apps


Waze is a free app available on Android and Apple devices. Waze is a maps app that cloud sources all of its data, meaning that other drivers and trucker teams work together to create accurate, reports on traffic, wrecks, potholes, cops and more. Imagine a Google Maps style app that alerts you when the left lane has a pothole or couch that fell out of the back of a pickup, or an overly aggressive cop patrolling the area. It also gives you breakdowns on where to find the cheapest gas stops on your route. The average trucker equipped with Waze has an advantage over his peers.


Ditch those ugly, dusty paper logs and go digital with tpMobile. Developed by Xata, Turnpike’s full range of compliance management solutions will help you stay compliant, in this new age of constantly shifting regulations. The app was designed to be viewed in a similar fashion as traditional paper log books. Monitor it all. Hours of service, speed management, fuel economy, idling and hard braking. The app also features a variety of engine warning codes, like oil pressure, check engine and transmission fluid. Fuel-Tax reporting, and driver notifications alerting remaining hours. Really, this app is too big to describe.

Health Apps

FatSecret Calorie Counter

US Road Warriors hears you, eating healthy behind the wheel can be a challenge. The clock is ticking on your delivery, you’re working more hours a day than any other professional American worker, and you just don’t have the patience to pull out a pen and pad to jot down your best estimate calorie intake for every meal. Don’t worry. There’s an app for that. Several, actually. We’ve picked out FatSecret Calorie Counter because it has the world’s largest food nutrition information database. With it, drivers can check the stats on food nutrition at most restaurants, scan barcodes for instant info on packaged food, and track total daily intake on carbs, fat and calories.

FitStar Personal Trainer

Have a fitbit? No!? Okay, real quick go to your Amazon Shopping app and order one. There’s a billion types. Get the cheap one. Now, download FitStar Personal Trainer. With this app and a fitbit you’re one step closer to that healthy life goal you set at last year’s New Year’s Eve party. If you’re on the road, it’s difficult to hit the gym, hell, it’s hard to hit the gym even at home. This app delivers custom workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere. Kinda useful for us truckers. HD videos show you the moves and provide step-by-step coaching, motivation, and tips. Work out on your own schedule, with routines that fit with your routes. But remember, set realistic expectations. 10 minute abs aren’t a thing. You’ve got to put work in some serious work to see progress.


Stitcher/Google’s Play Music/Apple’s Podcasts

I’m a podcast guy. They’re great for the road. Apple’s “Podcasts” app is, hands down, the best app for finding podcasts. The iTunes podcast library is full of literally hundreds of thousands of hours of entertaining radio style talk shows, audio books, short stories, news reports, audiofied editorials and much, more. All of it free. Fan of The Walking Dead? There’s an official TWD podcast. Game of Thrones? Same there. Not into tv? No problem, there’s podcast for truckers, by truckers, like Allen Smith’s: Ask The Trucker “LIVE”. It’s the number 1 trucking show on the net, with over a 240 episode back catalog. That’s nearly 500 free hours of trucking radio. Don’t have an apply product? It’s cool. Google’s Play Music app is building up a library of podcasts. It’s only now starting off, so it may take a few months to accumulate as much content as apple, but in the mean time, if you’re on Android, you can listen to most shows using Stitcher.

Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime

Those are the three big names for streaming movies and shows. They all have apps on Apple/Android. Catch your favorite shows even on the road, just make sure to keep your eyes on the road! Also, if you’re going to watch whole episodes, make sure you’ve got unlimited data on your cell plan, because overcharge fees can run up to $15 a gig. Streaming can eat up your data. An hour long show, streamed in HD, could easily be a gig download to your device. Keep it in mind.

One last thing, just be careful at staring at a screen before you go to sleep. That last episode of The Walking Dead was awesome, but if you try to go to sleep right after staring at your phone or ipad, your sleep will not be restful. Try reading a book or relaxing the 30 minutes prior to sleep.

So what apps do you use? What are your favorites? Maybe they’ve got nothing to do with the trucking lifestyle, but let us know anyways, we love checking out new apps.