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Are you using USRoadWarriors.com for your driver recruitment needs? If not, consider this: in the last 30 days, our job postings and articles were viewed 22 million times with over 50,000 drivers clicking on our jobs. Are you getting these kinds of results? 

USRoadwarriors.com , the lifestyle news and information site exclusively for drivers and truckers, offers a comprehensive solution for driver recruitment and retention. We provide custom original content that takes your recruitment message to each of our websites, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as FoxNews.comCNN.comESPN.com, The FoodNetwork.com and others. 

Our niche recruitment job boards give you a competitive edge in recruiting and hiring top talent:

On DriverJobCenter.com job postings are free on a pay per applicant or pay per click basis. Just send us your XML feed and we do all the work. It utilizes extensive programmatic advertising technology, along side social media to ensure a great hiring result for you or your employer client. Our PPA and PPC rates are amongst the most competitive in the industry, and it connects seamlessly to your ATS through TenStreet’s Intelliapp™.



USTruckerjobs.com is a subscription-based job board that for eight years has been a leader in driver recruitment, and is used by more than 250 newspapers and their clients nationwide. 

VeteranDriver.com, a subscription based website, that along with its sister sites GirlsNTrucks.com and DiverseDriver.com, enables you or your employer client the opportunity to appeal to those demographics as well as brand your organization as one that values Women, Veterans and Minorities. You can post unlimited jobs on all three sites for the cost of just one!  

Get access to pre-screened, qualified and interested candidates. Don’t have the time to prequalify candidates? We’ll do it for you! Everything from the recruiting of the candidate, interviewing , background checks, DMV and PSP all for one low price based on volume. Call us for a quote at 512-368-7213 or send us an email below.

Coming Soon!  

What if you could type a job title and location into a search engine and know exactly how many driver candidates you can expect in the next seven days? And for one price and only pay for the result! DriverMarketplace.com searches 1.5 billion job related transactions online, and through predictive analytics, accelerates your candidate search with amazingly accurate results. Expected launch February 1, 2017.