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Check out the thousands of driver jobs available—some paying upwards of $2500 per week. It’s easy to apply online!

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Helping Veterans Find Great Jobs

HireVeterans Foundation is a newly established Texas based trust dedicated to helping veterans and returning military and their families find gainful employment. We are partnering with other veteran sites on the web like and with to help get the exposure we need to get the message out to veterans and employers. One major focus has been to help veterans find excellent career opportunities. It's part of our DNA.

Nine Years Helping Veterans:
We launched our first veterans sites in 2008, IHireVeterans, USabledVeterans, Patriotjobs, Hire-A-Patriot and over the years have helped thousands of vets and their families find rewarding career opportunities. For the transportation industry, our website is the cornerstone of that effort. 


USRW Exclusive Original Series
By C. Frederick Braun

chapters 14-15

chapters 14-15


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